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Having short hair makes you feel two ways. Either you are happy go lucky day short hair girl or frustrated and mess day short hair girl. Short hair is blessing and sometimes it is mess. You spend a lot of time doing hair but when you are running late you cannot give much time to it. If you have short hair you spend short time doing the hairstyle but it is hard to get a creative hairstyle as your hairs are short not long.

So don’t get angry on the thought that you don’t have creative hairstyles. But be happy about the fact that we bring you various types of creative, quick and simple hairstyles for your short hairs. Get yourself any of these hairstyles for party, office, meeting and anywhere you go.

1) Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves Hair-10 Quick and Simple Short Hairstyle To Try This Year

If you wish to keep your short hair open the go with beachy wave hair style. You just have to give waves to your hair and you are ready with your hairstyle.

2) Messy Modern Bun

Messy Modern Bun-10 Quick and Simple Short Hairstyle To Try This Year

Messy bun is the easiest and quickest hairstyle that makes you look gorgeous in your own terms. Tie a messy bun that not too high not too low.

3) Go half up

Go Half Up-10 Quick and Simple Short Hairstyle To Try This Year

Half up hairstyle is best suitable when you have bad hair day. When your hair gets freezy tie them in this hairstyle. Pull the half section of hair up and pull the other section of hair down in a ponytail. Let your hair and head breath.

4) Reversed twist ponytail

Reversed Twist Ponytail-10 Quick and Simple Short Hairstyle To Try This Year

Want to carry ponytail to office or a party, don’t look boring with regular ponytail. Give your ponytail a twist. Make a ponytail then reverse it and get the twist. Easy and simple.

5) Knotted low bun

Knotted Low Bun-10 Quick and Simple Short Hairstyle To Try This Year

You can carry knotted low bun in any formal event. Make a braid at the back of the head then tie it in a bun. Your knotted low bun hairstyle is ready.

6) Fanned out bun

Fanned Out Bun Quick and Simple Short Hairstyle To Try This Year

Fanned out bun is elegant and classy. It gives volume to your hair. Tie your hair in high pony tail then give it a fanned bun shape. This is a hairstyle you can to prom too.

7) Tie a scarf

Tie A Scarf-10 Quick and Simple Short Hairstyle To Try This Year

Want to go to a cocktail or a pool party and can’t decide a hairstyle. Here you can go with a scarf hairstyle. Tie a scarf on your forehead and pull all your hair backwards. Or you can tie a scarf not at the top of your head and go all cool with the hairstyle.

8) Braided Bangs

Braided Bangs

Braided bang makes you look beautiful and cute. In this hairstyle you have to make a braid that goes round around your head. Make this braid only at one side on your head.

9) Half Bun

Half Bun

Half bun hairstyle gives you bold and beautiful look. Take the upper half section of your hair and tie it in a messy bun and leave the other section hair open. You half bun hairstyle is ready to roll.

10) Keep it straight

Keep It Straight

Keep your hair straight and simple. If you have natural curly or wavy hairs then go with straight hair for a change. Iron your hair straight then take a little section of your front hair twist it and tuck it with a hair pin. Sweet and simple hairstyle to go with.