10 Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

If you are here, then chances are you are looking to become a travel blogger. Or a travel vlogger Or, maybe it is not something you are looking to do full-time, but you just want to incorporate a bit of vlogging or videoing into your travel lifestyle.

Now, when it comes to making travel videos worth watching, it is not something very easy. Of course, travel videos are more powerful than images, but they are not easy to shoot. And without prior knowledge and experience, you can go simply hay way in the process.

You do not need to be a professional to make stunning travel videos. Follow a few simple tips on planning, shooting, and editing, and it will definitely help you make great travel videos even without any prior experience. The tips are as follows:

1. Get the Right Tools

Start with the list of tools you require for making beautiful travel videos. Before setting off for the destination, ensure bringing everything you require for getting the shots you desire. First of all, decide on the camera you will be using.

You can go for the camera on your smartphone or something more high-end like a DSLR. Then there are point-to-shoot cameras and handheld camcorders also available. If you think you will be including audio in your recording, or you will be shooting in windy locations, invest in an external microphone.

2. Consider the Location

Try creating the maximum impact by choosing an interesting location. Simply selecting a building located on a ramshackle street beside a construction site will not inspire the viewers. Choose famous destinations sure to create interest among the viewers.

Try choosing a number of varied locations and make sure an easy location narrates a story. Also, consider the background of your video. Keep changing directions, so the background does not remain the same in all the shots.

travel blogger3

3. Take Care of Background Noise

This requires surveying your selected shooting location for overhead planes, passing trucks, and lawnmowers. Just like the background of your video, the noise in the background is also equally important.

So, pay attention to that sudden baby cry that can start right in the middle of the video, simply destroying everything you have shot.

4. Video Editing Is a Must

If you want to edit a video in superb quality, then make sure to use a professional and free video editor. Of course, this will be the last step of the travel video-making process, but you must remain prepared for it.

Once you are done with the recording, sit down to have a detailed look over the footage. Try focusing on the moments that are really stunning while cutting the shots that have not come out very well.

Once you have figured out the shots you will be using, contemplate the entire story and use different techniques like time-lapses and narration to bring the story to life.

5. Take Both Short and Long Shots

You must try narrating your travel story from varied angles. Far away shots and close-ups of different travel activities should fit into your video.

Your hiking the trails, beach walking, staring at the open wonders of nature, and lighthouse views should also be incorporated as long shots for making your videos more stunning and worth watching.

6. Take Inspiration

There’s a lot of difference between copying things and taking inspiration. You can use YouTube for this purpose. Watch tons of travel videos there and be right on top of fresh ideas, editing tricks, and new techniques or making your travel video.

When you watch how others have worked on their videos and learn from them, you get the flexibility of applying their techniques in your videos. And yes, you can also learn from their mistakes and work accordingly.

7. Narrate the Background Story

For this, you must try capturing random conversations you had with traveling partners. Narrate everything from your experience to your feelings.

In your video, you can have passers-by standing in the background, taking in the sights, talking, and laughing.

8. Use Hyperlapses and Timelapses

There is nothing more visual than a hyper-lapse or a timelapse. Timelapse involves clicking several photos and blending them together. Hyperlapse is also the same, but it even involves adding movement.

These are the greatest techniques you can use for making a major visual impact on travel videos. The techniques are best for opening videos and closing shots. These techniques work specifically well when it comes to capturing the beauty of places.

travel blogger1

9. Capture Light

Lighting is one of the most significant parts of videography and photography too. Thus, make sure you get it right. The lighting in your video should spread evenly. It should not be too harsh or too dark. Quite early or late in the day is perfect.

Try walking around, looking at the sun, and then getting in the perfect position to test how the entire thing appears on camera. You even have the option of using light reflectors for popping good light on the right spot of the subject’s face.

10. Get Feedback

Well, it can really be embarrassing to film yourself and then put the whole thing together in video format. However, this is actually your main motive behind filming a travel video. You want to be a sensation on YouTube by publishing stunning travel vlogs.

Hence, get hold of someone you think will give you honest feedback. You can even get someone to travel along with you or join someone during the trip. Ask them about the shots and how they look on camera. Their feedback can help you in getting new perspectives and in saying something about a place in a better way.


When shooting a travel video, the most important thing you need to work on is getting your personality come through. Enjoy what you are doing and be completely relaxed. Try to smile and laugh as much as you can in your travel video.

It’s far easier than done- keep this in mind, and you will perfect the process in no time. Simply keep practicing without thinking much about the script. Just be your own self.