12 Amazing Celebrity Doppelgangers!


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12. Rob Lowe and Ian Somerhalder

Rob Lowe and Ian Somerhalder

Actor Rob Lowe is known for being part of the Brat Pack, a group of actors who oozed angst in 1980s coming of age films. More recently he made a splash playing the health obsessed hottie on Parks and Recreation. You may not know this, but he has an eerie twin in television actor Ian Somerhalder. Somerhalder rules as the darkly righteous Damon Salvatore in the highly rated CW show, The Vampire Diaries. They are both beautiful men with striking jaw lines, dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Even the shape of their nose is similar. As far as pass times go these two are far from twins. Rob Lowe loves his football, going so far as to send angry tweets at Direct TV when they interrupted the playoffs earlier this year. Ian Somerhalder on the other hand is a total animal lover, testifying before congress to protect elephants from the brutalities of the ivory trade.

11. Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

Oscar nominated movie star vamp, Amy Adams has a talented and adorable lookalike in Isla Fisher. From the flowing red curls to the shape of their smiles Adams could almost be Fisher in blue contacts. Fisher, an actress known equally for her comedy and drama has performed in hit films, such as Wedding Crashers and The Great Gatsby. She and Adams look so much alike that Fisher once superimposed Adams’ image on her own face in a holiday photo aside her husband and kids, and her relatives did not even notice! All they did was tell her what a cute photo it was, and Fisher had to point out the joke. Both Adams and Fisher worked hard to earn their chops. Amy Adams has come a long way from her humble beginning doing dinner theatre in Minnesota, while Fisher got her start on soap operas. Today both actresses wow on the set. Adams is so good at filling roles that she was hailed as a “chameleon” by the director of Nocturnal Animals. Fisher is quite flexible herself, escaping handcuffs underwater for real, when a scene went awry during the filming of Now You See Me. Amy Adams is rumored to have a wickedly naughty sense of humor, although she seems to keep it under wraps. Fisher, on the other hand has been known to make public lewd jokes alongside outrageous comedian husband Sacha Baron Cohen.

10. Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel are doppelgangers with a lust for life. Gospel singer turned pop star Katy Perry has big baby blue eyes, cute dark hair with blunt cut bangs and a gorgeous heart shaped face. Sound familiar? It might because that is a precise description of singing actress Zooey Deschanel. She is well known for movies like Elf and Bridge to Tarabithia. In both of these films she got a chance to show off her pipes. This love of music is something that these two quirky glamor girls share. They do diverge on how they approach politics, however. At this year’s Grammys Ms. Perry called on people to get woke in her catchy, ‘Chained to the Rhythm.’ The lyrics speak to the way people can stay on the surface, pretending to be happy, while there are so many world problems that go unaddressed. Deschanel on the other hand keeps it light. She called the last Democratic convention, “an awkward dinner party.” While it seems that these two being mistaken for one another probably will not end any time soon Deschanel actually finds it pretty annoying. She said in an interview that she felt weird about people commenting on her having been out at a bar when she was really home watching television, so it seems that the two starlets live vastly different lives.

9. Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

Chad Smith, the talented drummer from the band the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a dead ringer for comedic actor Will Ferrell. Both men have square faces, long noses and deep serious eyes. However, Will Ferrell is anything but serious, being best known for his performance in comedies like Elf and his hilariously irreverent antics on Saturday Night Live. He has also been known to pull the heart strings in dramas like Stranger than Fiction. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon noticed how alike these two look, and invited them to his show for a drum off! The multi-talented Will Ferrell started off holding his own against the professional musician, but in the end he was no match for Smith’s virtuosity. Chad Smith has been honored by being ranked ten out of the world’s hundred best drummers by Spin magazine.

8. Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem are some of the most similar celebrity lookalikes acting today. Morgan is best known for his role as the bat swinging Negan on AMC’s The Walking Dead, while Javier Bardem won best supporting actor for No Country for Old Men. Both men have thin almond shaped eyes, pointy but natural shaped lips, salt and pepper stubble, and square-shaped faces with a tawny complexion. Javier Bardem is a Spanish Actor and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor, but they could have been separated at birth. In fact, they look so similar that Mr. Morgan admits to being mistaken for Bardem, especially when he first started to become better known. Today both actors take time out to weigh in on politics. Mr. Morgan has decried the new American immigration policies. He believes people should be welcomed into the country to work. The fate of medics in combat zones weighs heavily on Bardem. He has publicly discussed his views about the war in Syria, and how medical professionals become collateral damage. Evidently both men take both their careers and roles a citizens quite seriously.

7. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto

It was when actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto played best friends on the run from an angry mobster in the movie, Highway that fans really started to notice their uncanny similarity. How could we not when seeing these two spikey haired hunks on the lam together? Both men got an early start in the entertainment business. Gyllenhaal as a child actor and Jared Leto as a teen heartthrob in the rock group Thirty Seconds to Mars. Leto, however didn’t begin his acting career until he got to college in New York City. Both actors have played physically demanding roles. Gyllenhaal went through extreme physical workouts to achieve a boxer’s physique in the emotional sports film, South Paw. Leto has challenged himself with roles that extreme weigh changes, such as, Chapter 27, for which he gained 62 pounds, and Dallas Buyers Club for which he lost 40.

6. Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress from the independent film world who recently had a break-out role in the super hero movie, Suicide Squad. She looks uncannily like American actress and model, Jaime Pressly, best known for being on the television show, My Name is Earl. The two could hardly look more alike with their sleek blonde coifs, dazzling baby blues and bright wide grins. In addition to being gorgeous, social consciousness is important to both of these ladies. Pressly kept it classy at the Peace over Violence Humanitarian awards. The organization helps survivors of domestic violence, and attending events such as these is important to her. Margot Robbie leans more toward environmental issues, being a member of the organization Greenpeace.

5. Jessica Biel and Christy Turlington

Jessica Biel and Christy Turlington

Model Christy Turlington and actress Jessica Biel are practically mirror images of one another. They are both classically beautiful with oval faces, full lips and smoldering hazel eyes. Biel has a tendency towards the macabre, having delivered thrill and chills on screen in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hitchcock. Turlington for her part is a top flight model, having represented both Calvin Klein and Maybelline. Both women share an interest in the arts and philanthropy. Turlington helps run a charity that alerts the public to issues of health for mothers around the globe, and she recently leveraged this group to team up with Minted, a company that makes fine art prints. Biel contributed artwork to the organization Color Outside the Lines, which raises money for helping children in the arts. Look at these two, fabulous and generous.

4. Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner

Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner

Actresses Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner are beautiful lookalikes with their high cheekbones, honey-brown hair and coquettishly arched brows. Both women have taken stands to discuss gender equality in Hollywood. Two time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank describes getting offered a tiny fraction of her male counterparts’ salary even though he’d not won any Oscars. This came shortly on the heels of her success in Million Dollar Baby. Jennifer Garner spoke candidly at Elle’s 21st Annual Women in Hollywood celebration. During her speech she underlined the differences between the kind of questions she gets asked in interviews and the ones her actor husband, Ben Affleck fields. Garner is often quizzed on how she manages to balance work and family, whereas her actor hubby has never had this mentioned to him even once. Garner sees this as an example of sexism.

3. Cameron Diaz and Helena Christensen

Cameron Diaz and Helena Christensen

Bombshells Helena Christensen and Cameron Diaz could easily be sisters. They both have lovely heart shaped faces, sparkling aquamarine eyes and cheekbones to die for. There is also something just a little mischievous in both of their smiles. Helena Christensen is a Danish fashion model and photographer. Diaz is an Actress and former model. She is best known for her comedic roles like The Mask and There’s Something About Mary. Both women have used their expertise to guide fans on beach etiquette. Diaz let fans in on what she brings to the shore from sunglasses to Panama hat to her water bottle. She gives helpful tips, like putting sunscreen on before your suit, because, “We don’t want you doing that awkward dance on the beach where you’re trying not to let your bits slip out while trying to apply under your bikini edges.” Christensen has co-designed a luxury beach shirt that can be worn open over a swim suit or tied in front as a dress for a night out at a vacation restaurant. Cameron Diaz and Helena Christensen both speak up about appreciating their bodies and not trying to compare themselves to other women. Diaz has gone so far as to write a book to help other women make their own personalized choices about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

2. Carrie Underwood and Emily Osment

Carrie Underwood and Emily Osment

Carrie Underwood and Emily Osment actually share a birthday in addition to being cutie pie doppelgangers! Emily Osment tweeted about this topic to her celebrity lookalike. Osment became a household name because of her role as Lily on Hannah Montana. Carrie Underwood is a renowned country music star. Osment has her own music career, recording pop hits like, All the Right Wrongs. Both women share an edgy relationship to singer/actress Miley Cyrus. Osment and Cyrus of course grew up together as Disney child actors, although their off screen relationship was rumored to be not as friendly as the chummy buds they on portrayed Hannah Montana. Carrie Underwood famously parodied Miley Cyrus on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, doing a special thanksgiving version of Wrecking Ball featuring a kitten in a pilgrim hat.

1. Taylor Lautner and Kris Humphries

Taylor Lautner and Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries and Taylor Lautner are dead ringers for one another. They share deep brown almond shaped eyes, full lips, thick dark hair and refined noses. Humphries is best known for being a pro basketball player and Kim Kardashian’s former husband. He currently plays power forward and center for the Atlanta Hawks. Taylor Lautner rose to fame portraying Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga. It’s not just Humphries who is athletic, though. Lautner became three time Junior World Champion in karate by the age of twelve. Another thing these two have a penchant for is public displays of affection. Lautner has been anything but shy with his sweetie Billie Lourd on their recent vacation to St. Barts. For his part, Humphries got put on blast for his exhibitionist make out session with Amber Rose at the Playboy mansion. Some have speculated was meant as revenge to Ms. Kardashian; watch out, ladies!