12 of the tallest men in music


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12. Tyson Ritter –

Tyson Ritter

This Oklahoma-born singer and songwriter gained most of his fame through the band, the All-American Rejects, for which he is the lead vocalist, pianist, and bassist. Their albums include a self-titled work from 2002, Move Along from 2005, and Kids in the Street from 2012. This group has had plenty of hit songs, like “Dirty Little Secret” and “It Ends Tonight.” This guy has dabbled in a lot of work outside of music as well. Ritter is known for acting in shows like Parenthood from 2013 to 2014 and even worked alongside Drew Barrymore in the 2015 film, Miss You Already. This dark-haired, blue-eyed stud has also received a lot of recognition for his good looks. The fashion company, Hugo Boss, hired him as a model in 2009 where he posed for their spring collection. It’s no surprise he received a modeling contract with those cheekbones! Plus, Ritter is tall and slender. At 6’1”, he doesn’t have to look up to much, but a lot of people sure look up to him!

11. Robert Plant –

Robert Plant

This classic rocker became famous for his work in the band, Led Zeppelin, for which he sang lead vocals. After the group separated in late 1980, Plant went off on his own to pursue a solo career. His albums include 1982’s Pictures at Eleven, 1990’s Manic Nirvana, and Band of Joy in 2010. He’s performed with various other famous artists throughout his long-standing career, like Phil Collins, who played drums for his 1983 tours, and Jimmy Page, the original guitarist of Led Zeppelin. He formed a duo with the latter, named Plant and Page, which lasted from 1994 to 1998. In 2008, he was placed at number fifteen in Rolling Stone’s list of best singers of all time, and in 2009 Planet Rock named him “greatest voice in rock.” Although his raw talent and iconic name have won him plenty of attention since he stepped onto the scene in 1965, this musician is also known for his taller-than-average height. Plant stands at 6’1”, making his physical presence on stage match his exceptional vocal ability.

10. John Mayer –

John Mayer

This Connecticut-born singer and guitarist has been a huge name in the music business since he began his career in 1998. He started a duo with his friend, Clay Cook, named LoFi Masters. But, the two split apart because of their different tastes in music genres, and Mayer went off to achieve his aspirations as a solo artist. Some of his albums include Heavier Things from 2003, Battle Studies from 2009, and more recently, The Search for Everything, which released last year. A few of his hit songs are “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” “Daughters,” and “Half of My Heart.” He has won several awards for his work as well, including a Grammy for Song of the Year in 2005, and a 2009 Grammy for Best Solo Rock Vocal. However, this brown-haired, dark-eyed heartthrob is known for more than just his musical talent. He’s a bit taller than your average Joe. At 6’3”, John Mayer is reaching for the stars, and not just figuratively.

9. Notorious B.I.G. –

Notorious B.I.G.

Unfortunately this famous rapper was lost to the world in 1997, but his legend lives on by the impact he made on modern music. He was born in New York City with the name Christopher Wallace, but most are familiar with his stage name, The Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls. Some of his songs include “Kick in the Door,” “Everyday Struggle,” and “One More Chance.” After he passed, people continued to admire his musical talent. He was called “greatest rapper of all time” in an issue of The Source in 2002 and was labeled as number three on MTV’s “Greatest MCs of All Time” list in 2006. He also had a clothing line during his short-lived career, called Brooklyn Mint. It was later started up again by Wayne Barrow, Mark Pitts, and Jay-Z, who put Biggie’s photographs on the products, and decided to donate some of the profits to the Shawn Carter Scholarship and Christopher Wallace foundations. He also left the world with a son and daughter, whose names are C.J. and T’yanna. But, this rapper gained recognition for his height as well. The Notorious B.I.G. stood 6’3”, and left a tremendous impression on people with his music and stature.

8. Flo Rida –

Flo Rida

You may have never guess where this American singer and rapper was born. Just kidding… it’s Florida of course! He’s been making a name for himself since he gained popularity in the early 2000s. His first well-recognized song was “Birthday” which he recorded with Rick Ross. Flo Rida’s albums include Mail on Sunday from 2008 and Wild Ones from 2012. He’s won a few awards, like the 2008 Teen Choice Award for Choice Hook-Up for the song “Low,” which features T-Pain, and the 2009 APRA Award for Urban Work of the Year. One of his most widely recognized songs is “My House,” which released in September of 2014. Flo Rida has worked with several other artists, such as Nickelback, Robin Thicke, and Pitbull. But this star is noticed by people everywhere for more than just his work in the studio. There’s no ignoring this guy when he walks into a room since he stands at 6’3”! He’s much taller than the average man, and his musical talent reaches greater heights than his physical stature.

7. Snoop Dogg –

Snoop Dogg

This rapper and music producer has become a household name since he began his career in the early 1990s. He has several albums, including The Doggfather from 1996, Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss from 2002, 2008’s Ego Trippin’, and Bible of Love, which he released earlier this year. Snoop Dogg has done quite a bit of acting as well. He played in 2001’s Training Day, alongside Denzel Washington, and the 2004 film, Starsky & Hutch, with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. This celeb has even gone by other names, like Snoop Lion, which he said he was given by a Rastafarian priest during a trip to Jamaica, and the alias, DJ Snoopadelic, under which he put out some electronic music. However, three years after changing his name, he reverted to the one we all know and love. Snoop Dogg has received many awards for his work, such as a 1994 MTV Music Video Award, the 2002 MTV Movie Award for Best Cameo, and the 2016 I am Hip-Hop Icon Award during the BET Hip Hop Awards ceremony. But this talented artist has gained recognition for more than just his work. Snoop Dogg has his head in the clouds at 6’4”, so it’s no surprise he has such a presence on and off-stage.

6. Wiz Khalifa –

Wiz Khalifa

This rapper has been making waves in the music industry since he stepped on the scene in 2005. He was first noticed at just sixteen years old when he recorded a mixtape with new artists in the Pittsburgh area. Wiz Khalifa’s first album was released in 2006, titled Show and Prove, which gained him recognition by Rolling Stone, and he was labeled as an up-and-coming artist to keep an eye on. His other records include Deal or No Deal from 2009, Rolling Papers from 2011, and 2014’s Blacc Hollywood. He has worked with many other stars as well, such as Tinie Tempah, Fall Out Boy, Miley Cyrus, and Hoodie Allen. This talented guy is noticed for more than just his musical prowess; he’s also recognizable for his height. Wiz Khalifa is 6’4”, which is pretty tall compared to the average man. It’s safe to say that his stature measures up to his proven skills in the business.

5. Blake Shelton –

Blake Shelton

This country singer and guitarist was born in Oklahoma, and has been taking names since he entered the music industry in the early 2000s. He released his first album in 2001, which is self-titled, and gained tremendous popularity with the song “Austin,” which was number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list for over a month. Shelton’s other records include Startin’ Fires from 2008, Red River Blue from 2011, and Texoma Shore, which he came out with just last year. He’s received many awards for his work as well, such as Music Video of the Year from the American Country Awards in 2010 and Favorite Country Male Artist from the American Music Awards in 2011. Shelton is also a television personality, as a judge on shows like The Voice. But this star is noticed for more than just his accomplishments in the world of music. People also recognize him for his height! At 6’5”, Shelton has no problem turning heads. Plus, he was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine last year, which may have a lot to do with his talent, blue eyes, nice smile, and of course, his stature.

4. Calvin Harris –

Calvin Harris

This Scotland native is well-known in the US for his work as a singer, songwriter, and DJ. He gained popularity in the mid-2000s and signed contracts with Sony BMG and Three Six Zero Group after people began noticing his online work, which he posted on social media sites like MySpace. The first album Harris released was titled I Created Disco, which came out in 2007. His other records include Ready for the Weekend from 2009 and Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 from just last year. He has worked with many stars as well, such as Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Migos, Katy Perry, and Travis Scott. This artist has even tried out modeling and was hired by Armani for their 2015 Spring Campaign. He’s also signed residency contracts with Hakkasan for several of the group’s Las Vegas nightclubs. There’s no denying that Harris’ rise to fame is due to his music-making talents, but this celeb is noticed for more than that. He is a tall drink of water that turns heads instantly when he walks into a room because he stands at 6’6”! His feet are on the ground, but this guy is reaching for the stars!

3. Trace Adkins –

Trace Adkins

This country star has been making music since the late 1980s. His first album, Dreamin’ Out Loud, was released in 1996 shortly after he put out the single, “There’s a Girl in Texas.” His other albums include 2001’s Chrome, 2010’s Cowboy’s Back In Town, and 2017’s Something’s Going On. Adkins’ songs have reached top tier on the charts several times, and he’s won numerous awards for his work. He received the 1996 ACM Top New Male Vocalist award, the 2008 Male Video of the Year award from CMT, and in 2010, he was given ACM and CMT awards. This artist has also been nominated for several Grammys throughout his career. However, fans recognize Adkins for his physical traits as well as his talent. This singer stands 6’6”, so it’s undeniable that he makes a big impression on-stage and in-person.

2. Montell Jordan –

Montell Jordan

This Southern California-born singer is most widely known for his song “This Is How We Do It,” which came out in 1995. This hit reached number one for a total of seven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. Jordan received nominations for the 1996 Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. His other albums include Let’s Ride from 1998, a self-titled work from 2002, and Let It Rain from 2008. However, in 2010, this artist left the music scene to pursue his religious calling as a pastor at a church in Georgia. After he left the industry, Jordan even authored a memoir that details his decision, titled Becoming Unfamous, and got it published in 2016. Although this singer-turned-worship-leader initially acquired recognition for his lyrical skills, people also notice him for his stature. Jordan is 6’8”, much taller than most guys. It’s safe to say that we know how he does it when it comes to reaching the highest heights in his life and career!

1. Afrojack –


This handsome star was born in the Netherlands in 1987. His birth-given name is Nick van de Wall, but he goes by Afrojack. He has gained most of his recognition through his work as a DJ. He started out at the young age of fourteen when he played music at clubs and bars in his hometown. In 2010, he released a song with Eva Simons, titled “Take Over Control,” which afforded him more popularity around the world. A year later, the DJ Mag labeled him number seven of the top one hundred DJs. Afrojack released one album in 2014, called Forget the World. But, he has worked with several other artists as well, including Beyonce, Ne-Yo, David Guetta, and Madonna. Earlier this year, he put out the track “Bed of Roses.” He has even performed at several music festivals throughout his career, such as Coachella and Tomorrowland. However, this celeb is also widely acknowledged for his incredibly tall stature! Afrojack stands at 6’10”, so there’s no question that he gets noticed as much for his height as he does his talent.