14 Celebrities Who Are UNRECOGNIZABLE Without Makeup!


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14. Janice Dickinson-

Janice Dickinson

She disputably describes herself to be as one of the first supermodels; her good looks earned her to be on the covers of Cosmo, Marie Claire, Vogue and even Playboy. She went on to model for top name brands like Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, and Gianni Versace. However, as she got older, she turned to plastic surgery to try and keep her youthful looks, which had the opposite effect. The wonders of makeup keep Janice looking young, but without it, she sounds like she’s falling apart. Nevertheless, the model continues to make herself known in Hollywood, which includes her latest appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

13. Lisa Kudrow-

Lisa Kudrow

We all know and love her as Phoebe Buffay from the comedy sitcom Friends. Kudrow’s blonde locks and bright eyes showcased the characters bubbly and quirky personality. While there’s no denying that Kudrow is attractive, we all have our bad days even as celebrities. Kudrow has been spotted on more than one occasion without makeup, and she doesn’t seem to mind. This photo definitely caught a serious moment of Kudrow make-up free in an unknown location. Gives her talent and growing success, we won’t hold this against the shining star.

12. Renee Zellweger-

Renee Zellweger

Renee, is that you?! Even with makeup, actress Renee Zellweger hardly looks like her old self. There’s no denying that Zellweger has had some work done and she’s actually proud of it. While she’s enjoying her new look, she stepped out with a fresh-faced look that took the paparazzi by storm. Without makeup, her fine lines are incredibly noticeable, and her crow’s feet stand out. However, I must applaud her for going through these changes in need to empower herself and self-esteem. Do what makes you happy!

11. Heather Locklear-

Heather Locklear

Best known for her role as Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place, there’s no doubt that this Golden Globe Actress has class. Her sparkly eyes and golden locks make her stand out, even while at her 50’s we know that makeup aids in her natural beauty. We are all aware what the power of makeup can do, so we shouldn’t be too surprised at this candid photo taken of Locklear enjoying a day out on the beach. If she was wearing makeup, the water surely washed it all off, but who actually wears makeup at the beach? Nevertheless, we all have unflattering angles, and there’s nothing makeup can’t fix.

10. Faith Hill-

Faith Hill

Faith Hill is a well-known country singer who’s topped the chart with her hit music and gorgeous looks. Partnered with Tim McGraw, they are nonstop with their fun filled entertainment. Her blonde hair and sultry eyes make it easy for anyone to fall in love, however, with the makeup, she looks entirely different. With a fresh face, she still looks delightful plus she isn’t scared to strut her stuff out in public. Besides, everyone has those days when we feel lazy and don’t want to get glammed up. We’re gonna give her a pass and just call it her “I just woke up moment.”

9. Katie Couric-

Katie Couric

Aside from being a journalist and author, we all love watching her on the Today Show. You can’t deny that her age, she is looking at least ten years younger than her age. With makeup, she looks polished and radiant, but without makeup, she seems a little washed out and definitely like her age. It’s easy to spot her wrinkles and crow’s feet in this picture. On a positive note, her fit physique, and natural beauty is something to admire at 60 years old! If only we could all aspire to look good when we reach that age!

8. Lady Gaga-

Lady Gaga

The actress, singer, and songwriter blows us all away with her performances and her beauty. Lady Gaga is always advocating her fans to love yourself for your natural beauty, and she is proof that you don’t need to spend hours dolling yourself up to look like a superstar. We tend to omit that celebrities are also regular human beings and may not look the same without makeup, but Lady Gaga’s natural beauty is a great reminder to empower her fans that you don’t need all those makeup products to feel confident and beautiful.

7. Goldie Hawn-

Goldie Hawn

The beloved singer barely looks unrecognizable on the street with a bare face. Her fine lines, sun spots and face wrinkles stand out. However, even with the paparazzi capturing this unflattering photo, it serves as a good reminder that we should all embrace our natural beauty, and I can’t blame her. Without makeup, the actress still carries about her day without caring about what anyone thinks and that sets a good example for all of us. With numerous awards under her belt, Goldie is just as stunning as ever.

6. Katy Perry-

Katy Perry

The singer has given us great outfits and makeup looks when performing on stage. Her makeup really brings out her bright eyes and clear complexion. Katy has wowed us with her fashion choices, and different makeup time after time, but she also isn’t afraid to be photographed with a bare face. The award-winning singer has been captured in her free time with a fresh look and has even uploaded a few photos on her social media makeup free! You may spot a pimple and tired eyes here and there, but her makeup-free appearance restores our confidence to do the same.

5. Kathy Griffin-

Kathy Griffin

The comedian and actress never fails to make us laugh, her presence is easy going and bubbly. However, wipe off all that makeup and Griffin is a great example to show us it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The photo taken of her at the beach shows us that she’s enjoying a day to herself away from the spotlight and isn’t afraid to demonstrate that she has more to offer than just looks. While she looks unrecognizable, you can’t deny Griffin can still deliver a punchline to make any audience laugh and that her fiery red hair will make anyone give her a double take.

4. Diana Ross-

Diana Ross

Best known for being part of the musical group Supremes, she is also an acclaimed actress, singer, songwriter and record producer. Her beauty and grace have definitely played a role in her successful career. The superstar is aging beautifully, but we also sometimes forget that stars can have their bad days as well. Her bare face shows that she is human just like all of us but we know that she is living the dream, so nevertheless this one photo doesn’t do the diva justice. Even makeup free, she’s just as fabulous as ever!

3. Katie Holmes-

Katie Holmes

She is well known for her role on Dawson’s Creek and her grace and style on the red carpet is almost always flawless. But when the actress is away from the Hollywood spotlight, she feels comfortable trading in her signature dresses for comfy shirts and pants and going makeup-free. We definitely have to agree that ditching all the products is a good way to relax and to let your face breathe. While she almost looks like an entirely different person, she doesn’t mind being photographed by the press to show that she’s perfectly comfortable in her own skin.

2. Tyra Banks-

Tyra Banks

This supermodel has no problem baring fresh skin and has proudly done so on several occasions. Banks has always been vocal on her talk show and to fans for being loud and proud of your body and your appearance and has no shame making it known. She has been spotted with no makeup on baring all imperfections and fresh skin and has even posted photos of herself product free. Makeup or no makeup, her skin regimen is perfect, and her confidence is contagious.

1. Alicia Keys-

Alicia Keys

The songstress made headlines for shedding the makeup products and embracing her fresh bared face. She addressed in several interviews that she was tired of constantly being scared of being judged and being defined by the media. While she isn’t against makeup, she states her new look allows her to be comfortable in her own skin and wants to show others beauty is more than just skin deep. The star’s new stance has definitely gained her positive attention and has taken a new direction in her career. Fans and other celebrities have rooted for her new change, and you’ve got to admit that she looks breathtaking!