14 Famous People With The BEST Revenge Body

By | July 23, 2019

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14. Mama June Shannon-

Mama June Shannon-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

Mama June is that you? When Mama June Shannon and her beau Mike aka Sugar Bear started having problems they joined Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 4. During this time Sugar Bear revealed his cheating ways which resulted in the two separating for good in early 2016. When she found out that he was getting remarried, she sent out to transform herself and underwent a series of extensive surgeries which included skin removal, breast augmentations, and a gastric sleeve insertion. After losing 300 pounds and going down to a size 4, she shocked the media and fans and even Sugar Bear, but mostly she surprised herself. Halfway through her body transition, she revealed that looking good doesn’t have to be about revenge, but she focused it on her needs and making herself happy. Now her biggest challenge is to keep the weight off, which she promises to do by exercising, portion control and selecting healthier food options. As for her ex, Mama June says she’s in a better place now and is working on her future and finding romance.

13. Reba McEntire-

Reba McEntire-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

Fans were shocked when the country star announced her separation from Narvel Blackstock in early 2016. The pair married in 1989 and split after 26 years of marriage which is basically an eternity in Hollywood time. Despite a bump in the road, the actress set out to make it known that she wasn’t going to let anything stop her. She posted a sultry photo of herself wearing a beautiful emerald dress, complete with glittery sequins and tan high heels that complemented her red hair. Captioned “Love being back in Vegas,” the actress sure knows how to make a grand entrance. In fact, it’s hard to believe that she’s even in her sixties as she looks fantastic for her age!

12. Sam Smith-

Sam Smith-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

Sweet, sweet revenge! In 2015 Smith took home four Grammy’s and couldn’t help but thank the man who broke his heart. But aside from being awarded Record of the Year, the Grammy award winning singer started losing weight a year later and looks almost unrecognizable! In February 2016, the singer shocked fans as the new Sam graced covers of magazines. He revealed that he started to shed the pounds back in April of 2015 with the help of nutritional therapist Amelia Freer. He got rid of dairy, refined sugar and gluten based products. He added weight training to his schedule and even practices yoga in his spare time. But what about the sugar cravings? Not to worry as his diet incorporates herb-infused ice cubes that you can snack on when you get hungry!

11. Olivia Culpo-

Olivia Culpo-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

In June 2015, the former Miss Universe contestant unveiled her new summer body for Galore magazine’s Bombshell spread. Her new body transformation came shortly after being freed from Nick Jonas’ “chains.” The two dated for roughly two years until he broke it off with her due to the difficulties of a long distance relationship. Getting dumped sucks for everyone, especially when you’re a celebrity because it’ll be plastered all over the news. But the pageant Queen turned all her hurt and anguish into motivation, and she looks better than ever! And besides a hot smoking body, she even moved on to a new man. In the spring of 2016, she entered a relationship with a two-time Superbowl champion Danny Amendola.

10. Mariah Carey-

Mariah Carey-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

The songstress left 2016 with a rocky end. She gained a lot of negative reviews for her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance and went through a public split with investor James Packer a month prior, but there’s no better than way than to show the haters that you’re doing well than by uploading a great workout photo! Donned in fishnets and high heels, she strutted her stuff on the Stairmaster and even showed off her curvy figure. Captioned “climb every mountain” it seemed like the singer was fit and happy. In another video titled, “running amok” wore a Puma jacket with a plunging neckline that showed her lifting 20-pound dumbbells. From the looks of these pictures, it seems like Mimi wasn’t going to let this breakup affect her as she moved on to her dancer Bryan Tanaka. The pair spent a lot of time together before splitting in April 2017, does this mean we’ll see another revenge body from Mariah soon?

9. Tyra Banks-

Tyra Banks-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

Who could forget Tyra’s bikini incident?! The supermodel was photographed by paparazzi when she was enjoying a sunny day at the beach in a one-piece bikini. Little did she know, her full hourglass figure was plastered on magazines everywhere with the captions, “America’s Top Waddle” and “Thigh-ra Banks.” On February 1st, 2007, Banks walked into her talk shows wearing the same bikini and addressed the photos in front of her live audience. She delivered a heartwarming monologue about fat shaming and the impact of it, which is now regarded as one of the greatest moments in daytime talk show history! Not only was it a pivotal moment for Tyra, but a lot of young women and teens felt empowered by her message and gave them confidence.

8. Kaley Cuoco-

Kaley Cuoco-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

When the Big Bang Theory actress split from tennis player Ryan Sweeting back in September 2015, she also revealed her banging new body! She told Shape magazine that she keeps herself toned and muscular by attending CorePower Yoga and doing yoga five times a week. She participates in their Hot Power Fusion class, which is an excellent calorie burner. She also gets her cardio workout by taking a Yoga Sculpt class that utilizes three-pound weights during the yoga moves. In addition, she also cut out junk food, throwing out soda, cereal and potato chips but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t indulge on cheat days. She said eliminating mindless eating was important and changing her food intake was a significant component. She revealed to US magazine that she had a drawer next to her bed filled with candy, which she called bedtime snack. Now with her new hot bod, she’s on a mission to keep it sculpted calling it a sexy and beautiful feeling!

7. Blake Shelton-

Blake Shelton-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

The Voice judge and his wife Miranda Lambert were the “it” couple of the country music world. Their love made our hearts melt, and we were sure their love would last. But they made everyone’s jaws drop when they announced they had split in 2015. Despite a very public breakup, Shelton didn’t let the media drive him wild. Instead, he wasted no time and underwent an impressive body transformation. Thanks to hard work and dedication, he quickly lost 20 pounds! His secret? The singer stated that he actually wasn’t doing anything that different, other than keeping his yard clean by mowing his grass with a push lawnmower. Many fans and others noticed his slimmer figure and even caught the eye of fellow singer Gwen Stefani. Shortly, the two surprised the media by coming forward with their newfound relationship!

6. Miranda Lambert-

Miranda Lambert-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

Her ex isn’t the only one getting into shape. After the country songstress and singer Blake Shelton had called it quits, she decided to get into action and started working on a new body. She unveiled her new figure on the red carpet for all to see in just a few months after they split. Not only does she look amazing showing off her toned legs on stage, but she seems much happier too. Since then, she continues to impress us, and her body just keeps getting better and better! Her new boyfriend Anderson East is one lucky guy!

5. Jordin Sparks-

Jordin Sparks-

The “Tattoo” singer was in a three-year relationship with fellow singer Jason Derulo and in 2014, the pair broke it off much to everyone’s surprise because we all thought these two would get married. And while it’s easy to let yourself go after a painful split, the singer entered a battlefield and decided it was time to go to war and came out a whole new person! She stuck to a strict workout schedule which included cardio and lots of it! She incorporated weights and running and now has toned arms, a flat belly and a thousand-watt smile to show for it all.

4. Khloe Kardashian-

Khloe Kardashian-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

After her bitter breakup from rapper French Montana, the reality starlet decided she wasn’t going to let that minor setback get her down. In her book, “Strong Looks Better Naked,” she stated that she cut out dairy products from her diet and hit the gym hard. She was quoted saying that while there is no such thing as perfect, but if you keep working hard at it, then you grow and evolve. She stated that was her primary goal to be a better person today than she was yesterday and to be the best possible version of yourself. Not only does she look smoking hot in her new body but she landed her own show on E! Called Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. It premiered on January 2017 and featured two people in each episode who undergo a makeover and work with personal stylists and trainers to transform themselves inside and out!

3. Kourtney Kardashian-

Kourtney Kardashian-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

Just like her sister, Kourtney also started working out and toning her body back in 2015 after separating from her on and off again boyfriend, Scott Disick. By July, Kourtney was already getting slimmer and was losing all the baby weight after she gave birth to her third child Reign in December. She used their split as a means of motivation to get back into the game, and she never looked back! Not only did she manage to get down to 116 pounds in a short period of time but she’s looking better than ever! In fact, it’s hard to believe that she even had three kids! She says that during her weight loss journey, she catered to her sweet tooth while managing her diet, which made it much easy to lose the weight since she was still able to eat what she wanted.

2. Britney Spears-

Britney Spears-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

Things haven’t always been easy for the iconic pop star, but she’s managed to make amazing comebacks, which included an amazing body transformation after she split from entrepreneur Charlie Ebersol. It seemed like these two were a happy couple but they called it quits in June 2015. He was then suddenly spotted getting close with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. But Spears didn’t let his get her down. Spears put in extra workouts and decided to eat healthily. The singer eats a hearty breakfast and enjoys swimming to get her heart rate up. She made her big reveal by posting a mirror selfie on her Instagram which showcased her flat belly and toned abs. The mom of two keeps fits by practicing pilates and yoga, oh and the fact that performs shows weekly helps a lot too!

1. Kelly Osbourne-

Kelly Osbourne-14 Famous People With The Best REVENGE Body!

After kicking ex-fiance Luke Worrall to the curb, she underwent a major body transformation that shocked Hollywood. She slimmed down, grew out her hair and embraced her inner girly side. She shed almost seventy-five pounds and did it the old fashion healthy way. Instead of turning to weight loss products or drinking teas, the tv reality starlet exercised regularly and controlled her diet. She also runs on the treadmill, lifts weights, does yoga, pilates, and anything that gets your blood flowing. She says she stayed on a strategic eating plan and ate her fattiest meal in the morning and will cut down to a salad for lunch and oatmeal for dinner. The fashionista who went through rehab three times for addiction was always known for being on the heavier side, but she looks amazingly beautiful and has become an inspiration.