15 Stunning Aquarius Tattoo Ideas To Try


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Are you an Aquarius? Are you looking for Aquarius tattoo, then you are looking at the right place. Aquarius signifies originality and funny nature of a person. It is connected to those who are ascendants, moons, or cups. Aquarius, are known for their powerful intuition. They are very selfless in nature which is an amazing quality they possess. This tattoo is more likely to have waves and wind. So if you want tattoo of your zodiac sign, let us help you.

1) Fierce Water Wave Tattoo

Fierce Water Wave Tattoo

Fierce water wave tattoo shows a lot of strength and passion. If you want a tattoo that shows your power and strength, this is the perfect match.

2) Simple Waves Tattoo

Simple Waves Tattoo

This is simple and cute design that shows selfless nature. This is small in size so that you can ink it anywhere you want.

3) Symmetric Bold Wave Design

Symmetric Bold Wave Design

Bold wave tattoo shows the perfect symmetric nature of a person. This is sweet and simple design that is small to be inked anywhere on the body.

4) Constellation Tattoo

Constellation Tattoo

Constellation tattoo is made of stars. And stars are loved by all. You would love to have this design.

5) Aquarius God Tattoo

Aquarius God Tattoo

Aquarius god tattoo will directly relate to your Aquarius tattoo. It is the sign of Aquarius zodiac sign.

6) Tiny Waves

Tiny Waves

Tiny waves tattoo is sweet to ink on ankle. It represents the Aquarius values and is not too large. If you are looking for small tattoo then go for it.

7) Heart and Star

Heart and Star

Heart and star are adored by all. Specially women love it. So if you are one of them then get this tattoo done.

8) Changing waves with name

Changing waves with name

This tattoo design shows the wave in little different manner. You can write your name or your zodiac sign under the waves.

9) Girl Pouring Water

Girl Pouring Water

Want large tattoo? This tattoo of girl pouring water from pot is beautiful art of colors. Without a doubt youcan get this done.

10) Cartoon style pot and water

Cartoon style pot and water

This tattoo is in little animation style. Lovely use of color is done in this tattoo. It is simple tattoo of water getting out of pot.

11) Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid is always a great way to express water and waves. Aquarius tattoos at most of the times are expressed with mermaid tattoo.

12) Aquarius men pouring water

Aquarius men pouring water

In this tattoo, there are two identical men pouring water. This is dark tattoo which has dark colored inked.

13)Simple Pot

Simple Pot

You can ink a simple pot with water running out of it. Use of colors and curvy waves makes it beautiful.

14) Leaves and a girl

Leaves and a girl

A little girl in this tattoo present all the values of Aquarius tattoo. The leaves covering the girl makes it look stunning.

15) Dark moon and Girl

Dark moon and Girl

A girl pouring a water from the pot under the dark moon is perfect for dark inked tattoo. The dark moon depicts the night.