20 Amazing Geode Hair Color Ideas To Try


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Hair shading is an art. When we shading somebody’s hair we can emphasis their skin tone and eye shading, we can make their hair look fuller and even help them express their identity. The laws of hair shading apply to light and color. Geode hair is something which is in pattern nowadays. Men and ladies both nowadays color their hair. So here is something very exciting for you to try.

Geode hair is coloring your hair in various colors with at least two colors or more. It begins with dark shade from the roots and natural shade at the ends. Geode hair runs perfect with both long and short hair. On the chance if you have short hair you can color them from multiple points of view. You can color your short hair at the end with light colors. Trend is to paint your hair with purple, green, pink, dim, blue and red shading.

This is rainbow style shading your hair. Geode hair looks stunning who have long hair. You can do more experiments with your hair when you have long hair. With long hair you can play with more than two colors in your hair. When you give your hair twists or layers trim it looks appealing to different eyes. When you do messy hair bun you mirror every one of the color of your hair. Geode hair is ideal for the youthful pretty women.Geode Hair is something new to the trend and is a crazy thing to do with your hair.  Play with colors and add more colors to life.

Geode Hair Color

1. Geode Hair Color

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