25 Amazing Swallow Tattoo Design Ideas For You To Try


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Swallow tattoos are traditional designs and are historical. Swallow tattoos are close to nature. It is said swallows will carry souls to heaven. We present you best swallow tattoo designs.

Swallow tattoos are cool and trendy. It shows loyalty, health and history. These tattoos are combined with stars, cherries, flowers, arrows and quotes. Swallow tattoos are colored tattoos. Swallow in blue color shows rigors of the long distance travel and also sailors. Blue color swallows shows that they are coming back home safely after a struggle or hardship. In some cultures it is believed that swallow brings fortune. Swallow tattoos represent freedom.

Some fighters also ink swallow tattoo on their fist or hand. Swallow tattoos are colored in blue, yellow, golden or green color. Swallow tattoos designs also represents peace. In Greek and Roman culture it is believed that swallows are sign of love. They believe swallow are symbol of rebirth of souls. Swallows are symbol of loyalty. It represents motherhood and maternal love. These tattoos are ink on chest, wrists, legs, foots and other body parts.

Swallow Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Swallow Tattoo Designs

3. Swallow Tattoo Designs

4. Swallow Tattoo Designs

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21. Swallow Tattoo Ideas

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26. Swallow Tattoo Ideas

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2. Swallow Tattoo Designs

25 Amazing Swallow Tattoo Design Ideas For You To Try