25 Beautiful Horse Tattoo Designs And Ideas For You

By | April 27, 2017

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Animals and birds tattoos hold meaning and reasons. Horse tattoos are very popular among all the animals and birds tattoos. Horse is very calm and inspiring animals. A horse tattoo holds a great and various meanings. Horse is symbols of calmness, charm, courage, passion and strength. Horse tattoos can stand for both beauty and masculine personality of a person. Horse tattoos shows Greek and Roman culture. Horse tattoos are wonderful. As horses are an important part of wars, they show brevity and overcoming hardships.

The body part you choose for your tattoo usually depends on the size of your design. If it’s small you can wear it on your wrist, forearm, ankle, or neck. Small horse tattoos looks cute. And large horse tattoos are detailed and are created with different colorful inks. Horse tattoo designs come in combination of flowers, leaves and feather. Pegasus tattoo is the most popular horse tattoo.

Horse tattoo with horseshoe on leg is trendy among men. It is a symbol of prosperity. A flying horse with fire shows power and freedom. Black detailed horse tattoo showing speed are famous among women, it gives 3d effects. Some horse lovers get horse tattoo with flower and also ink their horse name in it. Horses are very dear pets and are ink on body parts.

Horse Tattoo Designs

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25 Beautiful Horse Tattoo Designs And Ideas For You