30 Thundering Lightning Tattoo Designs And Ideas For You


Hello, Welcome to instaloverz, Today we are here to talk on a very interesting topic and it is a Lightning Tattoo Designs, So if you are wondering here and there for the proper inspiration but not getting proper inspiration. You can just check out “30 Thundering Lightning Tattoo Designs And Ideas For You

Lighting tattoos are the traditional tattoos which came from Japanese culture. Japanese displayed this as power of nature and they believed when dragon is flying they bring lights with themselves. If you think to get a lighting tattoo, then you are at a right place to get inspiration from us.

Lighting tattoos represents passion, danger, and truthfulness. These tattoos are combined with waves, clouds and birds. Lighting tattoos are also colored in vibrant colors such as blue, red, orange or green. Lighting tattoos are the symbols of being focused on what you want to achieve. It shows the passion of the person to achieve their goals. It also portray the struggle a person is facing or has faced in their life. This tattoos are inked to portray hardship and freedom too.

For instance lighting tattoo with eagle shows that the person has faced many problems and after fighting with them he gets pleasure of freedom. Some people also get lighting tattoo inked in the memory of a person whom they lose in such hurricane or thunder. As light is also a sign of four pure elements of Earth, lighting tattoos also represents truth. You can also combine this lighting tattoos with boats and ships. Usually lighting tattoos are detailed tattoos so they are inked on arms , chest , back or on thighs.

Lightning Tattoo Designs

1. Lightning Tattoo

2. Lightning Tattoo

3. Lightning Tattoo

4. Lightning Tattoo

5. Lightning Tattoo

6. Lightning Tattoos

7. Lightning Tattoos

8. Lightning Tattoos

9. Lightning Tattoos

10. Lightning Tattoos

11. Lightning Tattoos Design

12. Lightning Tattoos Design

13. Lightning Tattoos Design

14. Lightning Tattoos Design

15. Lightning Tattoos Design

16. Lightning Tattoos Design

17. Lightning Tattoo Designs

18. Lightning Tattoo Designs


20. Lightning Tattoo Designs

21. Lightning Tattoo Ideas

22. Lightning Tattoo Ideas

23. Lightning Tattoo Ideas

24. Lightning Tattoo Ideas

25. Lightning Tattoo Ideas

26. Lightning Tattoos Ideas

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30. Lightning Tattoos Ideas

19. Lightning Tattoo Designs