5 Emergency Hairstyles For When You Have No Time


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we’re gonna be talking about emergency hairstyles. so what to do with your hair. when you have about no time so all of the hairstyles. I’m going to show you are about 30 seconds to 5 minutes max so whatever situation. you find yourself in whether you’re running late for work maybe. you forgot you had a meeting and you have to show up in five minutes maybe. you’re caught in a windstorm and your hair is flying everywhere and you just want to get it out of your face all the hairstyles. I’m going to show you our heatless no fuss really easy and most importantly really cute so let us get started.

  1. messy bun

    messy bun

    so when I learned how to do the perfect ten-second messy bun. my life changed all you need is elastic no bobby pins gather your hair into a ponytail. then with the elastic around your hand kind of like a claw stick your fingers into the base of the ponytail wrap. the tail around creating a half bun shape and pull the elastic over hold the bun. with your free hand and slip out your claw hand and now wrap the rest of your hair around the bun pull the elastic over. once more to secure it and that’s it this button is so easy. and so quick to do it did take some practice but once you get the hang of it being able to throw your hair. into a cute messy bun in ten seconds is a lifesaver.

    2. Low Chic Messy Bun

    Low Chic Messy Bun

    okay next up is a low chic messy bun and I use the same exact technique as the top, not messy bun from before. start by pulling out a few face-framing hairs around the front to create an effortless look. then gather your hair again into a ponytail but this time at the nape of your neck. with the elastic around all five fingers. apply your hand into the base of the ponytail pull the tail around forming a half bun pull the elastic over and twist. like you’re about to secure hold the bun with your free hand and slip your claw hand out now wrap the tail around the button pull. the elastic over once more to secure done. I love this look for when I’m running late for work or I’ve got a last-minute meeting it’s super polished and chic looking.

    3. Quick Half-Up Half-Down

    Quick Half-Up Half-Down

    if you’ve got a last-minute date and want a quick and easy pretty look this is your go-to. I pre curl my seamless luxury hair extensions so they’re ready to wear all you have to do is brush them out and. I like using the luxury hair loop brush designed for extensions they don’t snag or damage your extensions. so they’ll last longer I’m only going to be using three layers of luxe ease which makes. this looks faster pin the top layers of your hair up. and use a four clip weft clip your Lexi’s in right at the root and let your top hair layer down repeat this step. and this time I’m using a 3 clip weft clip that in and let your top hair layer down again.

    lastly, I’m using a two clip weft for the last layer. I’m not worrying about adding extensions to the side of my head because it’s a half up half down look. and all my hair will be pulled to the back next pull up some face-framing pieces keeping a few pieces out creates that effortless romantic look which we all love. then I’m pulling all my front pieces to the back in a little ponytail. I’m securing this ponytail with a cute barrette. I find big barrettes like these to be so much easier than pinning with bobby pins plus it looks really cute.

    the last step taking a one-and-a-half-inch curling wand. I’m just curling the top pieces of my real hair to match the texture of my already curled extensions. because my extensions are already curled. I only have to spend a minute or two curling a few pieces of my real hair and voila you’re done.

    4. Easy Braided Ponytail

    Easy Braided Ponytail

    if you’re bored of a regular 20 tale try. this easy elevated braided Pony pulls your hair up into a ponytail and secures with an elastic. then I’m using a 1 clip weft for my Lexi’s and clipping it upside down just below the elastic wrap the weft around the elastic to cover it. then instead of using a bobby pin I’m actually securing the end of the wrapped hair back into the clip. then I’m just going to braid the rest of my hair you could also do a fishtail braid. if you have a bit more time tie the end off with a tiny elastic. and then you want to pancake the braid to make it a little bigger and even size throughout.

    5. Off My Face

    Off My Face

    4 days when your hair is driving you crazy dry shampoo is my best friend. I apply some of the roots of my head just soak up any grease and give my hair more lift and texture. then to create more volume. I backcomb under the top sections of my hair now option one. I like to use a printed headscarf and wrap it around my head to keep my hair off. my face ties it at the back and that’s it a great summery look for windy days or a vacation when you don’t want to worry about your hair.

    option 2 when I just need to run and go I’ll use my sunglasses to push my hair back. the trick to making this incredibly simple look work is teasing your hair. before and using dry shampoo this way your hair won’t fall flat, later on, I also like to use hair oil and apply it on my ends to keep my hair hydrated throughout the day.