7 Beauty Trends We Have Seen So Far in 2021

7 Beauty Trends We Have Seen So Far in 2021

It’s just the first month of 2021 and we have beauty trends already. If there’s one industry that is unbeatable when it comes to trends, it’s definitely the beauty industry.

2020 has been quite a rough year. Nonetheless, one good thing came out of it. The unpredictable year allowed us to experiment with our cosmetics routine and we’ve been able to create trends for the New Year.

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Here are 7 beauty trends (according to the mavens) that we’ve seen so far in 2021.

1. Shag Haircuts

As seen on celebrities like Miley Cyrus, bobs and layers are already growing in popularity. It is a haircut inspired by the 70s style and it works on all textures of hair. That’s the great thing about it. It’s versatile!

2. 80s Eyeshadow

80s Eyeshadow

It’s no doubt that women spent a lot of time and well, money on make-up. What is quite surprising is the fact that they have in one way or the other “evolved” their make-up game to the 80s style. The eyes are the main point of focus here because those are the most interesting parts to have fun with cosmetics. Besides, wearing facemasks is still a thing now. The smokey eye is a trend we’ve seen this year.

3. Arched Eyebrows

No. Not like the ones in the 90s. We’re seeing more well-sculpted eyebrows which offer a better dimension of the face.

4. Skincare

There has been an increase in the talk about skincare. You must have heard about sunscreens and toners a lot these days. Many of us have even incorporated morning and night skincare into our daily routine. This genuinely is a great trend in 2021.

5. Low-Maintenance Manicure

Low-Maintenance Manicure

Another trend we’ve seen is the low-maintenance cosmetic treatment on fingernails. Many people are now keeping shorter nails and using glossy nail polishes. Mavala, a nail care brand has predicted the most popular colors that will be used on nails in 2021. According to the brand, the colors are aqua, au natural, metallic and rainbow tint.

6. Colorful Cat Eyes

This year, Ariana Grande demonstrated that while the cat-eye look is here to stay, the style shift and color change brings it to the next level. We are now modernizing the cat eye and it is great to see!

7. Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are the most popular wigs on sale nowadays. They are available as lace front units and full lace units. Wigs are a perfect way to change things without committing to a dramatic look but lace wigs today are now being designed to actually look like your hair.

We have brought with us a newfound creativity into 2021 and we’ve made wonderful trends out of it.