Family-Friendly Road Trip: Finding the Ideal Used SUV or Minivan

If you are thinking of embarking on a road trip with your family, you probably have a thousand potential problems racing through your head. 

You might be wondering where exactly you are going to go, what your route is going to look like, whether your children can handle the long highway journeys unperturbed, what forms of entertainment you are going to provide them, and so on.

Most of all, though, you are probably wondering what car you are going to take. Unless you have a large car already, chances are you are going to need a sizable vehicle to withstand the long days on the road, carry all your belongings for a lengthy trip away, and transport you all in comfort and safety.

However, modern SUVs and minivans are expensive, and there’s no point in spending money that is better invested in your accommodation, extra fuel, food, and other fun activities on the journey.

Instead, it might be wiser to buy a used SUV or minivan instead. They are cheaper, almost as capable, and full of character.

Here is a guide for finding the ideal SUV or minivan for your family-friendly road trip:

Browse a wide selection of cars

One of the best ways of ensuring you find the ideal SUV or minivan for your family road trip is to browse a wide selection of available used cars. 

This will give you a better idea of the type of cars that are out there, the type of specification you might want to consider, whether your family likes the examples you are finding, and the sort of price you will have to pay. 

By getting clued up on the various cars on offer, you will be quickly able to whittle down the selection into a final few options and eventually hone in on the particular car you are after.

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Family-Friendly Road Trip 2

What is your budget?

The next step in the process is to outline your budget for the vehicle. 

This is crucial because not only will it limit the type of car you want to buy, but it will also put a ceiling on your fuel, accommodation, and day activity budget. Given that you are having to house, feed, and entertain your family, these overheads need to be factored into your budget for the car.

Do the mental arithmetic and make sure you are spending under rather than over your self-devised budget. 

How much space do you need?

Another key consideration you need to think about is how much total space you are going to need on your journey. 

This is a fairly simple one because you know how large your family is and therefore how many seats you will need inside. However, you should also keep other details in consideration – such as how much luggage space you need, whether you are bringing other items like surfboards or camping equipment, and so on.

This will give you a clearer understanding of the type of car you need to shop for.