Finding Your Own Streetwear Style


Finding Your Own Streetwear Style: Decades ago, streetwear was the style of an underground subculture, associated with the likes of skaters, surfers and hip-hop followers. For the skaters and surfers, streetwear clothing had the practical, loose-fitting style that required for free movement. For those following hip-hop, streetwear became a way of expressing their individuality.

Today, men’s streetwear has evolved drastically. The world of streetwear is no longer just an underground movement, but instead it’s actually starting to dictate what luxury fashion houses put out in their latest collections. Streetwear is now a hugely influential part of the fashion industry.

Modern streetwear

Streetwear styles have exploded in recent years, most likely down to the influx of celebrities and influencers wearing the different designs. This has made it much more accessible for the masses, as well as being able to find inspiration on how to wear it. After all, the average guy probably couldn’t pull off bright tracksuits and accessories in the same way Travis Scott could.

Social media has had its own role in propelling streetwear forward, offering inspiration on styling certain pieces and also allowing brands to push the boundaries. Every retailer and customer are on the lookout for the next big thing in streetwear, and that can come from what people are wearing on platforms like Instagram. This can make it easier than ever before for the average consumer to access the latest designs.

Brands are now becoming braver as they aim to stand out more than before, and compete with others successfully. This rife competition in the streetwear industry has paved the way for more creative designs and unique takes on statement pieces.

So, if you’re hoping to create your own streetwear style, where do you start?

Include the key streetwear styles

There are some styles that you simply can’t avoid buying, because they are the very basis of a streetwear collection. Stocking up the foundations is always a good place to start when finding your own style.

Some of the best pieces to start with include a tracksuit. While investing in a matching hoodie and tracksuit pants might feel a bit juvenile, look for styles that you can mix and match. For instance, tracksuit pants with a printed t-shirt, or a hoodie with jeans.

Current streetwear trends are giving a huge nod towards utility-inspired styles. With this in mind, look for overshirts and cargo pant styles that you can integrate into your existing wardrobe. A khaki overshirt with the right detail can look effortlessly stylish over a white t-shirt and black ripped jeans.

Every wardrobe needs a great collection of t-shirts. For your streetwear style, look for printed t-shirts; either showing off logos or graphic prints. This can elevate any look with minimal effort, making it easier than ever to get dressed in a hurry!

Finally, one of the ultimate streetwear pieces of 2018/9; the parka jacket. Have a parka jacket to hand for the spring and autumn months and finish any outfit with a street edge.

Make it your own

Of course, only buying these pieces will mean you’ll probably end up looking like every other streetwear fan. It’s the extras, and how you style them, that can really bring out your own personal take on such a popular way of dressing.

Colour is a huge way of adding your own touch to your clothing. Choose unique colourways instead of going for the mainstream options. Just be careful you don’t mix too many colours in one, or you run the risk of looking like a clown!

Accessories are one of the easiest ways to style your clothing. Trainers and caps can add your own twist to any outfit. You should aim to gradually grow your trainer collection, so you always have the perfect pair for any outfit.

Lastly, consider how you layer your clothing. How you wear your t-shirt, tracksuit, parka jacket or overshirt can set you apart from your best mate, avoiding any awkward situations where you both turn up in an identical outfit.