10 Stunning Met Gala Celebrities Look 2019

By | July 10, 2019

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who says the camp and class can’t go hand in hand welcome to Instaloverz and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 best Met Gala looks of 2019 before we begin we publish new content every day so be sure to follow our blog. This list we’re taking a look at the most stylish memorable and unique looks at the 2019 Met Gala which based this year’s theme on Susan Sontag 1964 essay notes on camp.

Met Gala Celebrities Look 2019

10. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox

just as she regularly brings out the beauty in a prison jumpsuit Laverne Cox found the glamour in tamp at her first Met Gala setting a tone for the night the orange is the new black actress stormed her way onto the red carpet in a gown that proved equally stunning and theatrical Cox wrapped herself in a black Christian Siriano dress decorated in ravishing ruffles she topped the look off with a turquoise hairdo bright makeup and a headpiece that blended right in with her lavish shoulder pieces the dress was reportedly inspired by fantasy and we could definitely see the most elegant of Disney villainess is rocking such a wickedly awesome ensemble.

9. Madeleine Pech

Madelaine Petsch

speaking of fantasy Madeleine Pech looked like a maiden from a mystical land in her dress on Riverdale she usually decorates herself in flaring red outfits as Cheryl blossom at this year’s Met Gala though the actress took a lighter approach in this wondrous ensemble the sheer gown came complete with puffy wing-like sleeves giving her the angelic glow of a fairy or pixie the outfit also had a Snow Queen quality to it with light blue fabric clashing against patches naturally fair-skinned although the dress is a far cry from what her Riverdale character wears Cheryl’s feisty spirit still shines through thanks to patches signature blazing hair the result is a pitch-perfect fusion of Fire and Ice

8. Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan

with three Oscar nominations under her belt Saoirse Ronan has phenomenal range as an actress and this multicolored Gucci dress shows her range on the red carpet one hand ronan looked ready for her close-up in gleaming red blue and green sequins at the same time the 25 year old star looked ready to take on an army with gold shoulder pads modeled after armored crawling up her arms and around her chest these gold accessories resembled a pair of dragons draped in flames giving off serious Daenerys Targaryen vibes Ronin is the epitome of powerful in this outfit commanding every room she enters and every carpet she walks across

7. Celine Dion

Celine Dion

the indomitable Celine Dion is one of the hottest acts ever to grace Las Vegas and she certainly brought the glitz of Sin City to the Met Gala if you crossed a showgirl costume with a dandelion you’d get something along the lines of this bold look The Canadiansinger sported an Oscar de la Renta bodysuit with fringe stretching down to the floor of course the silver outfit is an afterthought when stacked up against her extravagant headpiece which is decked with peacock feathers according to de la Renta Dion’s ensemble was quote hand-beaded by 52 master embroiders over a total of 3,000 hours and weighs over 22 pounds they all couldn’t be more in love with this outfit saying she’s quote never going to take it off

6. Awkwafina


last year Awkwafina played a hustler who teams up with several others to rob the Met Gala in oceans eight this year however the rapper turned actress attended the gala as a guest and she went all out for the occasion showcasing ruffled sleeves aquafina blossomed like a golden flower in this joseph’s call to zara gown accompanied by the designer himself combined with matching gold eye makeup and metallic boots she could easily be mistaken for a life-size trophy Awkwafina rounded out her look with cascading earrings and striking red lipstick it’s definitely an outfit we could see somebody wearing to one of the lavish gatherings and crazy rich Asians

5. Darren Criss

Darren Criss

of the 2019 Met Gala Chris forever left his mark on the fashion industry with this dramatic Valmont ensemble the Primetime Emmy winning actor matched his fingernails with blue eyeliner while a dark red line ran down his lower lip Chris’s jacket boasted an assortment of colors and a checkered pattern popping with personality at the paparazzi his eccentric look was a clear nod to the trickster Harlequin from commedia dell’arte seeing how chris was a theater connoisseur long before landing his breakout role on Glee it makes sense that his outfit would pay homage to the Arts

4. Serena Williams

Serena Williams

we’re used to seeing Serena Williams in a straightforward tennis outfit with a Nike logo this made it all the more jarring when she arrived at the Met Gala and a highlighter yellow Versace dress with accentuated shoulders the gown was decorated with pieces of fabric making Williams look as if she was a tree lush with leaves not straying too far away from her brand image though Williams still wore a pair of matching neon Nike sneakers Williams’s Footwear significantly added to the outfits camp value being simultaneously luxurious and casual it also further demonstrates that Williams can rock the red carpet just like she owns the tennis court

3. Billy Porter

Billy Porter

some celebrities simply pull up to the red carpet in a limousine Golden Globe nominee Billy Porter on the other hand made an entrance that puts all others to shame the pose actor was escorted in atop a throne carried by six topless men cleopatra style his outfit was heavily influenced by ancient egypt as well sporting a glittery one-piece wings that extended ten feet in length and a 24 karat gold crown he also reportedly drew inspiration from Diana Ross in the 1975 film mahogany Porter looked as regal as a pharaoh and as magnificent as raw the Egyptian Sun deity above all else his outfit proved that camp is something to be treasured

2. Katy Perry

Katy Perry

not many people would show up to the Met Gala with a replica of their own head like Jared Leto did even fewer would attend the event in a sparkling chandelier dress that actually lights up pop singer Katy Perry is perhaps the only person who could pull off such an ambitious look designer Jeremy Scott of Moschino brought this jaw-dropping creation into fruition with two hidden battery packs 18 steel bones and thousands of Swarovski crystals it was a risky venture to say the least but Perry lit up the night in more ways than one and talk about spectrum Perry went to the after party as a full-on hamburger.

1. Lady gaga

Lady Gaga

It’s only fitting that one of this year’s hosts would also be the most eccentric ly dressed person in attendance the Gala’s camp theme was tailor-made for lady gaga who never fails to find the perfect balance of dazzling and over-the-top the oscar-winning musical sensation didn’t limit herself to just one outfit arriving at the event engulfed in a hot pink cape gown designed by Brandon Maxwell Gaga proceeded to shed her elaborate train and bow revealing a strapless black dress underneath she wasn’t done yet removing this outfit to expose a slender pink dress with an old-school cellphone as a grand finale Gaga stripped all the way down to her shimmering lingerie donning four layers of clothing this is exactly why no celebrity excites the fashion world like Gaga do you agree with our picks.