Mirror Manufacturers And Suppliers In the USA

There are many mirror manufacturer in the market offering high-quality mirrors with the best designs. Specifically, if we talk about mirror manufacturer USA, there are wall mirror companies, wholesale mirror, and mirror factories. In this article, we will talk about mirror manufacturers USA. Here is the list of mirror manufacturers in the USA.

Meyer Material Handling Products, Inc.

Location: Indianapolis, IN 

Company type: Distributor* 

Annual revenue: $1 – 4.9 Mil 

Year founded: 1974

Number of employees: 10-49


This company is female-owned, specializing in convex wide angle safety mirrors. These mirrors are made explicitly from glass and acrylic and used indoors and outdoors in USA mirrors. The Meyer material mirror is available in 8 to 48 in. diameter and covers a distance of up to 40 ft.

Manufacturers 1

Important features:

The essential elements of this glass company are that it includes;

  1. non-tarnish metallic plastic trims, 
  2. heavy duty ball sockets and mounting brackets.

This company provide visual check down;

1) aisle ways,

2) Corridors,

3) and lanes.

Newton Distributing Company:

Location: Natick, MA

Company type: Distributor*, Manufacturers’ Rep

Annual revenue:$10 – 24.9 Mil

Company founded:2002

Number of employees:10-49


Newton DistributingIis, a mirror manufacturer USA company, specialized for;

1) bathroom, 

2) lavatory, 

3) medicine cabinet, 

4) restroom, and 

5) washroom framed mirrors. 

The mirrors of this company distribute fixed-tilt mirrors with shelf, channel frame mirrors.

Manufacturers 2

Modulex Partition Corp:

Location: Hillside, NJ

Company type: Distributor*

Annual revenue: Under $1 Mil

Company founded:1968 

Number of employee:1-9


Modulex Partition Corp is specialized in bathroom accessories for;

  1. commercial,
  2. institutional, 
  3. industrial, 
  4. and healthcare facilities. 

They offer a variety of bathroom accessories, for example; 

  1. grab bars, 
  2. toilet paper dispensers, 
  3. paper towel dispensers,
  4. mirrors, 
  5. hand dryers, 
  6. And baby changing stations.


Location:Kenmore, NY

Company type: Distributor*

Company founded: 1998 

Number of employee:10-49


KegWorks offers equipment and supplies of;

  1. bar, 
  2. Hotel, 
  3. restaurant, 
  4. home and kitchen.

Their special products of

1) beer equipment,

2) bar accessories,

3) refrigeration equipment, 

4) And bar furnishings

Meek Mirrors, LLC

Location:  Fort Smith, AR

Company type: Manufacturer*

Annual revenue:$1 – 4.9 Mil

Company founded: 1961

Number of employee:10-49


This is a mirror maker company of wall mirrors. They manufacture an 18-gauge type 304 stainless steel mirror.

Brandt works:

Location:  Fenton, MO

Company type: Customer Manufacturer*

Company founded: 2014 

Number of employee:10-49

Introduction: This wholesale mirror company provide private label home decoration products. They offers; 

  1. trays, 
  2. mirrors, 
  3. medicine cabinets, 
  4. wall clocks, 
  5. Furniture.

KMK Supply Company:

Location: Bellflower, CA

Company type: Distributor*

Company founded: 1990 

Annual revenue:$1 – 4.9 Mil

Number of employee:10-49


 KMK is a mirror manufacturer, offer hospitality supplies and furnishing. Their main products are;

1) housekeeping equipment,

2) cleaning chemicals, 

3) linens, 

4) paper products, 

5) furniture, and

6) lighting products.

Hidden Television

Location: Toledo, OH

Company type: Manufacturer*

Company founded: 2007

Annual revenue: Under $1 Mil

Number of employee:10-49

Introduction: This mirror manufacturer company manufacture

  1. vanity mirror TVs, 
  2. bedroom and living room mirror TVs.

Associated Glass & Mirrors, Inc.

Location: Port Chester, NY

Company type: Custom Manufacturer*

Company founded: 1982

Number of employee:1-9

Introduction:This mirror manufacturer company offers glass products for example;

1) frameless 

2) shower doors, 

3) vanity and door mirrors, 

4) framed shower,

5) and bathtub.

Consolidated Electrical Distributors

Location: Crystal Lake, IL 

Company type: Distributor*


Introduction: This mirror manufacturer company is specialized in the distributor of wall mirrors. They offer specialized products of

  1. Bathroom, 
  2. lavatory, 
  3. medicine cabinet,
  4. restroom, 
  5. washroom, 
  6. And make up mirrors.

Final thought:

In this article, we talked about mirror manufacturers USA who are offering mirror design.  These are all mirror suppliers in the USA. You can choose one of them that suits you best.