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What is a Sponsored Blog Post?

A sponsored blog post is piece of branded content generated specifically for an marketer in exchange for compensation.

In order to produce the piece of content, the Marketer provides the blogger with an overview of the product or service they would like promoted. At Instaloverz we call this an “Opportunity”, think of this like a creative brief that is distributed through our Advertisement marketing platform. The blogger writes a post in their own voice and includes links and other media requested by the marketer. The posts get indexed by search engines and can remain live for years, generating long term visibility and traffic for the brand.

Why Choose Us ?

Instaloverz connects brands with the best audience in various categories like Men & Women Fashion, Tattoos, Food, Home decor and many more.

Instaloverz offers you the opportunity to connect with a monthly audience of over 1 million, highly-engaged peoples, passionate about fashion and lifestyle.

With Sponsored Blog Advertisement, We serve to your advertising objectives with data-driven advertising solutions that reach, engage and convert your target audience.

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