Top 5 Wedding Flowers for Rustic Wedding Decoration


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Top 5 Wedding Flowers for Rustic Wedding Decoration: All these years or wedding décor and floral arrangements have seen to it; the rustic theme never goes out of fashion. The theme derived from word ‘rustic’ that basically means a simple and quaint rural life has a certain charm and appeal to it even after all these years when lives move with such a pace with gadgets and gizmos.

The natural elements are more highlighted in a rustic theme and instead of more wedding flowers, it advocates greenery options. It gives the message of seeing beauty in the more simple things of life.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers for Rustic Wedding Decoration

People like to get away to a barn or countryside farm far from all the hush push to get married. Not only does this give them an opportunity to get close to nature but even have a unique wedding ceremony full of lifelong memories to cherish. The natural textures of wood and stone get to blend in with centerpieces and bouquets that consist of flowers looking fresh after a good night sleep in the farm, and you feel like nothing can ever beat this.

The bridal attire with laces is the in-thing when it comes to rustic theme and in case of the wedding bouquets, the ones that are large elaborate and full of wildflowers and greenery get to make the cut.

But, what about the flowers, a wedding just cannot happen without wedding flowers? If you too are getting married soon and faced with the question of which flowers to use right from bulkroses to crisp baby’s breath for a natural look we’ve got you covered. If you’relooking for the best flowers to make the dream of a rustic wedding come true; well you’ve arrived at the right place and probably just in time not to miss the bus.

Here’s the list of 5 best flowers for a rustic arrangement:

1. Sunflower:

The sunshine petals and a rustic theme are absolutely made for each other. Just imagine a wedding arch and you instantly get a picture of simple wooden structures and sunflowers in your mind. The blooms are just perfect to be used in hanging patterns as pomanders and even in the attire of a groom as a stunning boutonniere option. They can also be used in wedding props, escort cards, cake décor, bridal crowns, aisle décor, and invitation cards.


2. Daisies:

Wild daisies picked up straight from the fields are a revelation when it comes to rustic décor and floral arrangements. The cute yellow center and soft petals bring the perfect elements of wilderness and nature into a rustic wedding theme. Using a combination of white and yellow daisies with cream-colored tablecloths as centerpieces brings peace of natural elements to the arrangement and if you still need more, try mingling them in some miss-matched bottles along with wildflowers and greenery for a rustic feel. The daisies are also a great boutonniere option when combined with Billy balls for a gray suit.
In case the brides are wondering, the flowers match perfectly with greenery and baby’s breath to create a stunning green-white combination that is contemporary yet rustic. You can also use them in mason jars for great wedding floral arrangements and décor.


3. Roses

If you’re planning a rustic wedding and haven’t yet made an order for wholesale roses online? Just, do it now. Peaches, pink, white and yellow roses can contribute perfectly to a rustic wedding theme. You can also use roses with bright and showy hues of wildflowers to dial down the overall colors a little bit in terms of bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces and even various other décor and floral arrangements for a rustic look.

Roses can be teamed up with succulents to make pretty good-looking bridal bouquets. Pink peony roses and Juliet roses can make stunning centerpieces when combined with greenery wildflowers and naked wooden tables ina barn or country venue to bring out the perfect elements of romance and rustic feel. Abulk of roses are equally good choices for decorating arches, ceremonies and aisles along with cakes and desserts, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, crowns and various other wedding décor and floral arrangements.


4. Baby’s breath:

While Baby’s breath flowers can be the perfect addition to naked cakes along with berries and fruits for decorations to a rustic affair, the brides can introduce them in their wedding bouquets, corsages, crowns and various other arrangements with a lot of greenery to give the wedding a completely natural and earthen look. They can be hung from the ceiling as floating clouds or can be used in creating hairstyles like; gyp or for that matter even in barrels for lining up the aisle. The flowers are quite affordable and can easily serve the purpose as fillers with greenery and other accents for any rustic or country venue.
They are also pretty good in decorating escort cards, wreaths, chandeliers, wedding arches, ceremonies,and aisles.

5. Hydrangeas:

The blowsy and voluminous blossoms of hydrangeas can adapt at will and this holds the truthin terms of a rustic wedding theme as well. One of the most sought-after wedding flowers, they have such an amazing versatility in terms of shades, shapes,and sizes to blend in with all sorts of wedding décor, theme, colors scheme,and floral arrangements. Green and white hydrangeas can be teamed up with greenery and various other accents to pose as the perfect centerpieces in all sorts of vases for a rustic and earthen look. You can use purple and white hydrangeas along with the other peach, cream,and various muted hues along with some greenery to decorate a wedding arch for a rustic theme.

For a more unique arrangement, try using hydrangeas in trumpet vases with string light which looks perfect in terms rustic receptions. You can also line them up along the wedding aisle close to chairs in barrels or wooden boxes to draw eyeballs.

This guide perfectly covers the most reliable rustic flowers right from wholesale roses to bulk hydrangeas and their arrangements ranging from mason jars to barrels for giving you a perfect idea what to expect when you actually begin planning your own rustic wedding.

Have better alternatives for rustic wedding flowers? Please do speak your mind and let us know.