Unique-New Ways to Use Your Highlighter You May Not Have Thought Of

Highlighter is a make-up product loved by many. Its main purpose is to reflect light and brighten up your facial features. You’ll be able to find different types of highlighters, in the form of liquid, cream and powder.  Any type of highlighter has the ability to provide you with a dewy glow which enhances your complexion and brightens your face in general.  

Where is highlighter usually used on the face?

Make-up lovers tend to use highlighter on their cheekbones to add definition. Other common places highlighter is used is on the temples, bridge of the nose, under the eyebrow, inner corner of the eyes and on Cupid’s bow.  Regardless of these being the places highlighter is commonly used, there are other fun and unique ways to use the product. Let’s explore some different ways you could use your highlighter which you may not have thought of. 

Make your eyes stand out

Using face highlighter is a discrete way to enhance your eyelids without using heavy eyeshadow. To do this, it is best to not use a makeup brush and instead use your clean fingertip to lightly sweep the highlighter over the area. You may find that cream or powder highlighter is best for this, as opposed to liquid highlighter. The inner corner or centre of the eyelid is best for highlighter instead of the outer corner area. 

Use it on the body

Highlighter doesn’t just have to be used on the face, it can be spread across the body to enhance other features you may not have thought of such as your collarbones when you are wearing a strapless dress or top.  Or perhaps you are going to a beach club and want to make your arms and legs stand out, why not add some subtle highlighter to create that glamorous mermaid look? 

Use Your Highlighter 2

Shimmer those lips

Sometimes lipstick and lipgloss alone can’t quite achieve the shimmery look you are desiring.  By dabbing on a pop of highlighter on top of your gloss you can create a stunning shimmery lip. This can create an illusion of fuller lips that lipstick and lipgloss alone cannot achieve. 

Conceal with style 

You may be surprised to learn that you could use the highlighter as another form of concealer to hide those unwanted dark circles under your eyes because it can brighten up the area. Simply layer the highlighter underneath your usual under-eye concealer and watch as your under eyes are lightened.  If do choose to do this it is best to use a highlighter which doesn’t contain any glitter. 

Centre of your chin

The centre of your chin may not have been a place on your face you have thought of after placing highlighter, but it can help to enhance the features of your face. This technique can help make longer faces look more round. If you do choose to try this then make sure to fully blend out the highlighter so that it appears natural. 

Face highlighter is a multifunctional make-up product which all make-up wearers should have in their make-up bag. There are multi ways to play around with face highlighter so get creative and enhance your beauty with face highlighter today.