What’s the Difference Between a Dresser and a Chest of Drawers?

A dresser or chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that increase the elegance of your bedroom. A dresser or chest of drawers offer storage space and serves as a piece of decoration. It is essential to choose the perfect size of bedroom dresser that can fit into your particular area. La Maison  is offering multiple styles of dresser for example;

  1. small dresser for bedroom,
  2. wide chest of drawers,
  3. tall dresser,
  4. 4 drawer chest,
  5. antique chest of drawers,
  6. classic chest of drawers,
  7. bedroom dresser.

If youare interested to know about types of dressers and chests or bedroom dressers, this article is for you.

Difference between the chest of drawers and dresser:

The primary difference between a chest of drawers and a dresser is that the dresser is wide and short on the other hand chest of drawers is narrow and tall. A bedroom dresser or chest of drawers is best compared to a dresser as it provides ample storage space and saves floor space.

Types of Dressers:

  1. Horizontal Dresser
  2. Combo Dresser
  3. Double Dresser

Horizontal Dresser:

The horizontal dresser is also familiar as a standard dresser. It comprises 2 or 3 wide drawers. This type of dresser provides enough storage space. You can put multiple items in it like your favourite perfumes, a collection of books, and sometimes a TV. You can also get a horizontal dresser with a mirror.

Double Dresser:

A double dresser offers more storage space as compared to a horizontal dresser. It is made up of double-column that make it more comprehensive and spacious. A double dresser idea is best for couples, and they can also place a mirror at the top of the dresser. You have to have enough space before buying this type of bedroom dresser.

Combo Dresser:

A combo dresser has one or two cabinets that are attached to the side or in the centre. Combo dressers have large sizes of the drawer that help you arrange your clothes more quickly than the small drawer. Combo dresser is a unique type of dresser with have dresser drawers and wardrobe doors. When you open the door, it reveals shelves or space to hang clothes. This type of dresser is best if you want to use them for multiple things like scarves, bags, hats, belts, and shoes.

Types of Chests

  1. Vertical Chest
  2. Lingerie Chest
  3. Gentleman’s Chest

Vertical Chest:

The vertical chest is also familiar with standard chests of drawers. This has narrow storage space. The vertical chest does not have a broad chest of drawers. This style is best when your bedroom is small, as the vertical chest is tall, it can easily fit in the area, and you have storage space for clothes.

Lingerie Chest:

The lingerie chest is one of the best types as it is taller and skinnier and traditionally used for small clothing items like lingerie. This type of chest is best for saving socks and undergarments in a disorganized way. A lingerie chest is also used for managing small things, for example;

  1. jewellery, 
  2. skincare products, 
  3. makeup,
  4. and bathing suits.

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Gentleman’s Chest:

This type of chest has a large size cabinet with sections. A gentleman’s wardrobe is used to hang dresses like jackets, dress pants, ties, etc. It has two areas; one has rods for hanging clothes, and the other has shelves.

Bachelor’s Chest:

A bachelor’s chest is a small and narrow sized chest. This type of chest has four drawers. Bachelor’s chest is the best option for a single person. This style is best as compared to a dresser because it can easily manage in a narrow space.

Media Chest:

This type of chest is like a dresser with an open-top shelf for a cable box. This type is best as an entertainment centre both in bedrooms and living rooms. The media chest allow you to set your television at a comfortable height. You can use the storage space of the media chest for cloth as well as movies, remotes, and extra wires.

Final thought:

This blog is all about the difference between a dresser and a chest of drawers. There are multiple styles of dressers like a small dresser for the bedroom, a broad chest of drawers, a tall dresser, a four-drawer chest, a bedroom dresser, an antique chest of drawers, and a classic chest of drawers. If you are interested to know more about it, just click here “ read more”.