16 incredible places that really exist

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15 marble caves

marble caves

the marble caves are located in general courier Lake or Lake Buenos Aris which is a part of Chile and Argentina these formations are found at the center of the lake and were created by waves over the course of about six thousand two hundred years they jut out of the water creating caverns with floors of water the roofs of the caves are made up of jagged smooth stone and their colors are marbled shades of grey blue and green the most recognized formation is called the marble chapel it has a narrow base but it widens toward the middle and comes to a sharp point facing toward the sky similar to the shape of an arrowhead the striking blue hue of the lake along with the cool monochromatic walls of the caverns leave all visitors in awe of the marble caves Beauty

14 Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

this Canyon is in the southwest united states east of Page Arizona it has two different slot canyon sections that are called upper antelope canyon and lower antelope canyon or the crack and the corkscrew respectively the navajo name of Antelope Canyon means the place where water runs through rocks this makes sense because Antelope Canyon is the result of erosion due to flash flooding another contributing factor to its creation was rainwater chiefly during monsoon season the flowing water carved the rocks and smoothed the walls of the canyon giving them a velvety stream like appearance the organic lines on the walls and the bright orange shoe of Antelope Canyon are awe-inspiring however flooding still occurs here so travelers must be well aware of the dangerous possibilities in 1997 eleven tourists lost their lives during a flash flood and in 2006 the canyon was closed for five months due to a flood that persisted for 36 hours

13 Mont Saint Mitchell


this breathtaking structures is located in Normandy France it is built on an insulin off the coast the Bishop of a branches st. Albert constructed an oratory here after experiencing a vision of Saint Michel in the 8th century then in 966 and a B was built on the island which towers over everything else several other buildings were erected over time and they are surrounded by medieval looking walls on all sides the structures are all together with a narrow steep street that runs through them almost all of the buildings have been converted into hotels restaurants shops and museums as mont st. mitchell is now a popular tourist attraction however a gothic mystical aura still surrounds this centuries-old monastery

12 new Swan stone castle

new Swan stone castle

also called the castle of the fairytale King this castle is located in Bavaria Germany its construction was completed in the late 1800s and its original purpose was to serve as a home for king ludwig ii however he only spent a total of eleven nights inside and passed away before the details of the palace were finished despite his short time within its walls Ludwig’s influence can be seen throughout the castle it exhibits luxurious detail throughout every room with dark carved wooden doors gold accents on the ceilings and intricate paintings decorated on the walls the King never planned to allow the public into this palace but six weeks after he passed the Prince Regent of Bavaria allowed paying visitors inside although he didn’t live to see the extravagance of new swans stone castle in its entirety the breathtaking structure inspired some well-known Disney fairy tales it was a supposed vision behind Cinderella’s castle as well as Sleeping Beauty’s

11 Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole

this massive sinkhole is located off the coast of near Belize City it is close to the middle of Lighthouse Reef the hole is almost a perfect circle that measures about 1,000 40 feet across and 410 feet deep the great blue hole formed when sea levels were low during events of the Pleistocene glaciation studies of stalactites within the hole suggest that its formation began about 153 thousand years ago this place gained its Fame when Jacques Cousteau said it was an excellent site for scuba diving there are numerous fish species within the hole such as the Caribbean reef shark and the midnight parrotfish however divers generally travel here to view the stalactite swith in the cave

10 glowworm caves

glowworm caves

the Waitomo glowworm caves are on New Zealand’s North Island although the Maori people knew about the caves for centuries it wasn’t until the 1880s that the caves were explored at length as surveyors went into the cavern they discovered one of its most fascinating characteristics the glowworms they are a type of fungus net that only live in New Zealand during their early life stages they glow these luminous creatures cover the ceilings in glowworm grotto within the cave and the twinkling lights are reminiscent of a starry night sky further along in the glowworm cave there are amazing limestone formations that cover the ceilings and walls the cavern is also home to other critters including giant crickets and albino cave ants the glowworm caves even house some new zealand longfin eels which dwell in its subterranean lakes ‘

9 socotra


socotra is between the Arabian Sea and the guar defied Channel it is the most significant of the Socotra archipelagos for islands this landmass is extremely isolated and houses about 700 species of plants and animals it is widely known for this biodiversity one of the most peculiar things found on the island is the dragon’s blood tree it has a thick trunk that leads up to an umbrella shaped cluster of branches and leaves it got its name because it has crimson colored sap socotra is also home to several bird species including the socotra sun bird and the socotra Starling as well as various reptiles spiders and crabs bats are the only mammals that are native to the island however there is a population of non-native cats that threaten the longevity of these species

8 salad ie uni

salad ie uni

this is the biggest salt flat in the world and is located in the southwest Bolivia it is part of the Altiplano a plateau that has various freshwater lakes salt water lakes and salt flats it is surrounded by mountains so it doesn’t have a drainage outlet salad a uni contains about 11 billion tons of salt due to the salts reflective qualities when it rains the flat is turned into a colossal mirror making it difficult to find where the sky ends in the ground begins there is hardly any life to be found in besides giant cacti and it only serves as a breeding ground for flamingos in November

7 giraffe Manor

giraffe Manor

this place is located in Nairobi Kenya it is home to several Rothschild giraffes which are endangered along with the giraffe center there is a breeding project here with the goal of reintroducing the giraffes to the wild and expanding the gee-pole the manor was built in 1932 by Sir David Duncan in 1974 Betty Leslie Melville purchased it and soon learned that giraffes were threatened currently there are only eight of the creatures living on the premises in 1983 Melville son Rick and moved into the manors hotel with his wife and took over management guests would give treats to the giraffes during breakfast through the windows on the second storey or even through the front door several stars stayed here throughout the years including Brooke Shields Johnny Carson and Mick Jagger in 2009 Mikey and Tanya Carr Hartley bought giraffe Manor and it is now part of the Safari collection

6 Oya


this village is located on the Santorini Island which is about 120 miles southeast of the mainland of Greece and is the most sizeable island of the archipelago’s Oya is about 1.2 miles long and approximately 330 feet above sea level it was built on the arduous slope that faces the agency the buildings are snow white with bright blue roofs adding to its striking appearance it is a popular tourist destination that offers various Goods and souvenirs one of the town’s most recognizable structures is the windmill Oya is known for its beauty and watching the sunset is one of the most significant activities this place has to offer the white houses reflect all of the striking hues of the Setting Sun Paul Mikael this natural wonder is in southwestern Turkey in Turkish pamakayo means cotton castle it got its name due to the pure white limestone that gracefully overhangs the mountainside it also exhibits stunning white terraces with pools of bright blue warm water the mineral rich water is thought to have healing properties so people travel there to help cure themselves of any ailments the legend about Paul Mikael says that a young unattractive girl flung herself into one of these pools she then transformed into a beautiful lady and the Lord of Denny’s Lea saw and fell in love with her instantly the two got married soon after so not only where the waters supposed to cure sicknesses but they are also said to have cosmetic abilities the remains of Hierapolis an ancient city are also found here

5 hohenzollern castle

hohenzollern castle

this castle is in baden-wuerttemberg germany it is the last of three palaces that were built on the site it was constructed by Frederick William the fourth the Crown Prince of Prussia starting in 1850 the castle was completed in 1867 under the rule of the princes brother King William the first there is a drawbridge that connects to the Eagle gate which comprises the castles entrance hohenzollern castle sits on top of a hill about 2,800 feet above sea level so its elevation and picturesque surroundings give it a whimsical romantic appearance

4 Cappadocia


this historical region is located in central Anatolia it is a high plateau that has volcanic Peaks jutting out from its landscape the area is very popular with tourists due to its alien length geological features as well as its history throughout the centuries people carved into the rock to create stables living areas storehouses and places of worship the complex tunnels they dug form towns with levels extending eight stories underground people inhabited these areas from about 800 BC onward and some of the subterranean buildings are still lived in some are also used as hotels which offer an unparalleled experience one of the most popular adventures in Cappadocia is hot-air ballooning which allows people to see the truly spectacular views from high elevation

3 hitachi seaside park

hitachi seaside park

the stunning park is located in Hitachi naka Japan it covers about 470 acres of land the park features a wide variety of flowers and greenery that blanket the ground the parks most renowned flower is the blue named Ophelia it blooms during the spring and it’s baby blue hues mears the clear sky during autumn the Koshi of bushes or summer Cypress in the park turned a bright red hue making it look something right out of a dr. Seuss book there are several walking trails so people can enjoy a stroll through the colorful flora hitachi seaside park also encompasses an amusement park which has over 25 attractions and rides so getting on the 330 foot ferris wheel gives visitors a wonderful view of the surrounding area

2 Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye

this island is the most significant of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides Islands it is about 50 miles long perhaps the island of Skye is the most famous for the rescue of Prince Charles during the Jacobite rebellion a woman named flora MacDonald helped the Prince escape to Skye while she was disguised in an Irish maids outfit however they were eventually caught and flora was arrested luckily she was released later on but besides it’s interesting history the Isle of Skye is also known for its diverse bird population including the corncrake Atlantic puffin golden eagle and red-throated diver the white-tailed sea eagle also resides here and is one of the most beloved among bird watchers another reason the Isle of Skye is such a non spiring place is its landscape rolling green hills and jagged cliffs make an amazing view and it’s small mere like pools add to the islands taking scenery

1 Petra


this historical city is located in southern Jordan it is surrounded by cliffs and got its water from a stream so it was almost like a fortress it was once a great city that was the center of numerous trade routes but today it is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the entire world there are massive structures that past civilizations carved into the cliffs about two thousand years ago one of the most renowned buildings is the Treasury its entrance is about 100 feet wide and 140 feet tall and it is a rosy color due to the natural hue of the rocket’s built into however that is only the beginning of Petra’s many astonishing structures there are hundreds of intricately designed tombs as well as the theater that could seat about 3,000 people other impressive architectural features can be seen in temples obelisk and streets lined with columns one of the most significant buildings is the monastery which one has to climb 800 steps to reach.