3 Golden Rules For Transforming Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Sanctuary

In the ideal world your bedroom should only ever be used for one thing – sleep.

Ok, two things – sleep and a little romance.

But romance and sleep aside, an increasing amount of us use our bedrooms for a multitude of other things; anything from watching tv, to working and exercising. And unsurprisingly as a result as a society we have never slept worse.

Quality sleep is important because better rested we are basically better at everything we do.

Below are three golden rules for turning your bedroom back into the zen-like palace of sleep it deserves to be…

1. Ban Screens

1. Ban Screens

When it comes to sleep, screens are the devil.

While as humans we have evolved enough to create wonders like smartphones, parts of our mind unfortunately haven’t quite kept up the pace. Despite no longer rising with the dawn, our brains still associate light with being awake.

The blue light that screens emit – whether they be tv, laptop or your smartphone – mimics daylight and keeps our brain active and overstimulated at the exact time we want it to be winding down.

So, do your sleep a favour and ban screens from the bedroom.

2. Block out the light

2. Block out the light

Light pollution may not be something you have thought a huge amount about. But it should be. Go to your room right now and turn off the lights. Go on, I’ll wait.

Is it pitch black? If the answer is no, then you are doing yourself and your sleep a disservice.

For the same reason as with screens, you need to keep out as much light as possible from the area you sleep.

So, if you can see light from the streetlamp outside seeping through your curtains then it is time to invest in some better curtains. Better yet, some blackout blinds.

3. Get Planting

3. Get Planting

Plants not only make a bedroom look nicer, they can actually promote sleep. They do so by filtering out toxins in the air, generating oxygen, regulating heat and generally promoting a feeling of calm.

So when you are creating your sleep sanctuary be sure to include a few pots.

Plants such as Aloe Vera are particularly good for the bedroom as they are able to flourish under low light conditions.

So there you have it – three top tips to consider when transforming your bedroom back into the haven for sleep your body and mind deserves.