LED Strip in the Bathroom as the Main Light Source

Using an LED strip in the bathroom as the main lighting is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room.

To hide the LED strips in the bathroom, you should use cornices and moldings, as well as a stretch ceiling. If this is not possible, it is worth buying profiles for LED strips, which not only perfectly hide the stripes, but also allow you to evenly distribute the light evenly, eliminating the impression of light points.

In the event that the custom LED lights strips will be the main light source in the bathroom, it is best to choose medium or high power strips. Additionally, it is worth equipping the installation with a dimmer, which will allow you to freely adjust the intensity of light.

Thanks to this, the standard lighting power can be used during daily hygiene and care, and the subdued light will be the perfect complement to a relaxing bath filled with fragrant foam, oils, or salt.

Important information regarding the use of LED strips in the bathroom as the main lighting:

  1. Hide LED strips behind a stretch ceiling, moldings, or cornices,
  2. It is also a good idea to use profiles for LED strips, which will hide the stripes and at the same time scatter the light beautifully,
  3. For the main lighting, use medium and high-power LED strips.

LED Strip in the Bathroom 2

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy

The Decorative Function of LED Strips in the Bathroom

LED strips, which perform a decorative function in the bathroom, open up enormous possibilities for arrangement. You can achieve a great effect, for example, by placing the tape on the sides of a bath or shower.

If you put the LED strips in the bathroom in the furniture case, you will make it very modern, and at the same time, it will be easier for you to find the necessary accessories and cosmetics on the shelves or in the drawers. In a niche illuminated by an LED strip, you can place original decor, photographs, or a picture.

Which LED Strip to Choose for Mirror Illumination?

Lighting a mirror with LED strips in the bathroom gives an interesting visual effect, but it is also practical. Make-up removal, shaving, or other grooming procedures require good lighting, reminiscent of sunlight.

In the case of LED strips, the color and intensity can be chosen in such a way as to obtain a light that is as close to daylight as possible. To do this, you should choose lighting with a high color rendering index (CRI> 95).

Illumination of mirrors with LED strips:

  1. It’s decorative and practical.
  2. This allows you to get light close to natural.
  3. This requires the use of ribbons with a high color rendering index (CRI).

The choice of color temperature for white LED light will depend primarily on the color and style of the bathroom. Warm light will perfectly emphasize the colors of pastels, browns, and reds. In turn, cold light will be a great addition to modern interiors, especially those decorated in contrasting colors.

Unique decorating and design possibilities are provided by the colored LED strip, as well as the strip that emits both white and colored light.