7 Do’s and Don’ts When Planning A Dress Code for A Wedding

Like most themed parties, weddings have a particular dress code that you shouldn’t ignore. As a guest at a wedding, there are certain things that you should not wear. But, there shouldn’t be any panic about dressing up for a wedding. 

Though you must dress for the occasion, you must follow the right wedding etiquette without crossing the to-be married couple. So, read on to find out the do’s and don’ts when planning a dress code for a wedding. 

Do consider the wedding dress code

Most weddings have a style or dress code and this also includes the bridesmaid attire. It could be a costume party, casual, semi-formal, or black tie. So, you should always consider what the couple wants. Don’t use colors that match the wedding. 

The only exception is if it is otherwise stated. This ensures that you don’t seem like a member of the bridal party. To determine this, you can check the color scheme from the wedding website or the invitation. 

Doing this gives you an idea of the direction of the couple. You can use the common wedding dress codes below:

  • Casual: khakis, collared shirts, sundresses, etc.
  • Semi-formal: slacks, dress shirts, and below-the-knee dresses
  • Formal: black suits, tuxedos (optional), floor-length gowns
  • Black Tie: tuxedos, black ties, and floor-length gowns.

dressing up for a wedding 3

Do wear layers and consider the time of the day

This might seem very obvious, but many people usually forget that summer evenings can be a bit chilly. So, layers would be a good option. But, if the wedding takes place in the evening, then you can consider a long-sleeved cocktail look or a maxi dress. 

You can also bring a cropped, cute jacket, cardigan, or shawl. Outdoor weddings can quickly turn chilly when it gets to evening hours. So, you can think about wearing layers like leggings and tights.

Do consider the location

The attire that you would wear to a stylish hotel would be different from that you would wear to a beach location. So, ensure you consider the dress code provided. But, you can use common sense to decide between wearing heels and sandals. 

Do choose a formal and comfortable shoe

Brand new 5-inch heeled boots or thigh-high shoes might be made for walking. But, that is not the only thing they do. One of the important aspects of dressing your best for a wedding event is to dress comfortably. 

This doesn’t mean that you should wear sweatpants, sandals, flip-flops, or t-shirts. It means that you should dress formally. But instead of wearing a heel, you can choose to wear a flat shoe, or a lower heel when necessary.

It would be best that you break in your shoes before you wear them to a wedding. This allows you to dance comfortably.

Do choose bold accessories

When you intend to dress in black or neutral, you should pay attention to details. For jewelry, you can go with metallic. But, you should not go overboard. If your jewelry makes too much noise, then you can choose something quieter and simple. 

Your outfit embellishment can come from clues from the invite. A black-tie formal occasion can inspire a pearl necklace or classic cuff link. On the other hand, a beach-formal occasion could inspire bohemian accessories. 

Don’t wear revealing outfits

One rule of dressing for a wedding is to ensure that you do not wear anything that has holes and rips or is sheer. You can choose something with a small hole. But, you must always consider the audience. 

Yes, cleavage does happen. But, you should not make it the focal point of your outfit. If you choose to accentuate something. You can go to your makeup artist and tell them you need something new or bold. 

You can even get your nails painted in the color of the wedding occasion or theme.

Don’t wear casuals clothes or certain colors

Certain colors such as red or white might not be right to wear unless it is stated in the invitation. So, you can choose a neutral tone and stick with it. You have many colors that you can choose from. Though comfort is important, wearing jeans might not look too good.

You can only do this when it is specially mentioned in the invitation. Another mistake you might make is to wear the same color as that worn by the bridesmaid. 

dressing up for a wedding 1


Receiving an invitation to your friend’s wedding is an exciting thing. The invitation might come with a dress code that you should stick to. 

If not, then you shouldn’t fret as the traditional dressing rules haven’t changed much. Just dress formally and gorgeous while avoiding some of the don’ts mentioned above.