Design and Features of Popilush Built-in Shapewear Dress

Clothing is not just a way to maintain a beautiful shape. It can make you go further, break unrealistic beauty standards and develop your body positivity to lead a lighter life.

With a well-defined look it is possible to promote acceptance of all body types, which is why a built in shapewear dress becomes a powerful tool for any woman. Popilush has dresses with features that can update your closet to increase your self-confidence. 

Popilush® Long Sleeve Party Dress Brown / S Built-In Shapewear Deep V-Neck Twist Split Maxi Dress

Can I develop my personal style with a shapewear dress?

You can give your body a new shape or maybe update your personal style by including another global fashion trend in your way of dressing. In a shaping dress you can bring together interesting features such as a V-shaped neckline, which flatters the breast area. Or use the side slit to create a more elongated appearance, leaving you with more attractive and defined legs. It fits both for more formal occasions like a graduation or for informal events like a trip to an art gallery. The twisted design assists in the bust area and helps create a much slimmer looking waist. 


How do I know which design is ideal for my body?

Popilush dresses are made to be worn by women with different body shapes, democratizing female power. Therefore, you should try to purchase a dress by analyzing whether that design can give you the look you want for that occasion. If you want to feel comfortable enjoying a walk in the countryside, you can wear shapewear maxi dress with different accessories.

Combined with boots, it gives you an interesting cowgirl style. Already used with sneakers, it navigates between the modern urban. Despite the long length, you don’t have to worry about the unwanted effects of perspiration as it is made with breathable fabric.

Other than that, it can give you a slimmer butt through the BBL effect. Hips, thighs and legs get a softer touch to create a beautiful hourglass shape. The double-layer fabric can sculpt the abdomen region, so it gives you the characteristic of a straight and flat tummy that is comfortable.  


I can create a more sensual look without losing elegance?

It’s also possible. Here you can be bold and invest in a mini-length shapewear dress. They can be worn at dance parties or even on colder days if combined with thin tights. A model made in metallic fabric gives you all the attention you want.

A midi length dress is adaptable to any type of event and combines with different types of layers, so you can wear anything from a jacket to a blazer with open front buttons to create sensuality and mystery. A design with a steel ring embedded in the chest area provides support and charm.

Furthermore, the mesh fabric is a facilitator that draws the curves of the belly, butt and legs in the smoothest way you can imagine. The lace detail, in addition to being an important fashion trend this year, is delicate and feminine. If you want to go to a wedding, for example, you can invest in a lace slip maxi dress version. A high heel made from velvety fabric will finish your look with total elegance, making you a powerful and determined woman.