Five Fail-Proof Subscription Gifts That Everyone Will Love

The Right Box for the Right Person
The internet and decentralization have totally changed the game when it comes to gifts. You can buy somebody a subscription for a tidy sum that’s not too much, though simultaneously is nothing at all. A subscription for a year is a fine gift, if the recipient likes it, they can renew. If they don’t, they won’t.

Flowers are great subscription gifts, and they’re not the only surprising option available with a monthly subscription. Here we’ll explore a few more that are sure to be loved by recipients; just take the time to review their preferences for the best results.

For the Hairy Folks in Your Life: Razor Supply Subscriptions

Sure, for the most part, subscriptions to shaving supplies will be for men who are looking to tame that facial mane. However, there is no shortage of ladies who need to keep leg, arm, armpit, and eyebrow hair in check.

To be sure, if you’ve got a lady in your life who needs to handle that leg hair, a subscription box to razors may not go over well even if she desperately needs it. But a guy will love it.

For the Fashionistas in Your Circle: Clothes Boxes

So this one surprises a lot of people because it seems a bit counterintuitive, but the truth is, there are clothing subscription options that are, when you get down to it, pretty cool. Here’s a list of 18 for the fashion-conscious lady in your life. Staying ahead of the hottest trends has never been easier.

Any Foodie Will Love a Monthly Snack Box

Who doesn’t like new and diverse snacks provided on a monthly basis? Meats, cheeses, varying snack foods; the list goes on. From beef jerky to new sorts of pretzels, subscription snack boxes have it all. Some boxes are designed for vegetarians, some for vegans, and some for those who eat, sleep, and dream of meat. Explore what’s out there.

Book Club Boxes Send the Latest Trending Hot Reads

There are classic and trending book boxes that will ship out novels, history books, advice books, and more to whoever is interested. Figure out the interests of the recipients, and order them a subscription box accordingly.

Everybody’s Got a Sweet Tooth Somewhere: Candy Boxes

Candy boxes are more geared at younger subscribers, but plenty of adults have a sweet tooth, and school teachers may be able to incentivize classroom performance by giving a box to those who excel enough every month in their class. There are multiple potential uses for such a box here, and however it’s used, somebody gets a sweet treat.


Finding the Right Box for You and Yours

You’ve got virtually endless options to choose from. Flowers, razors, fashion, and cuisine; all have subscription options, and you wouldn’t believe how many additional subscription solutions there are like this, here’s a link to give you an idea. So explore what’s out there, and maybe do a few trial subscriptions to find what best resonates with you and yours. There’s something for everyone.