Guide to Maintain Gold Jewellery

Different things can be done to maintain your gold jewellery so that it looks new forever. These ways are both professional as well as related to home cleaning. Maintaining daily wear gold earrings is very important if you want them to possess the same lustre and brightness. Here are some tips you must follow to maintain gold jewellery: 

  • Regular cleaning

 Daily wear items such as engagement rings and wedding bands will need cleaning on a regular basis. Naturally, these items can get covered with skin oils, grime, and dust because they are worn daily. While it is not very evident, these particles can make your jewellery lose the lustre and sheen that they possess. This is the reason why you would prefer to implement regular cleaning methods regularly to assure that your jewellery pieces have the same shine and sparkle. 

Gold Jewellery 1

  • Using soft cleaning materials

Talking about this point, you need to make sure that you use the softest material to clean the Melorra gold earrings for daily wear.Gold is organically soft which makes it prone to scratches and breakage too. For protecting your gold jewellery piece from getting damaged when you clean it, you can make use of brushes with soft bristles. 

  • Avoiding harsh chemicals

As because house cleaning chemicals work effectively in the home, they can create a lot of damage to your jewellery piece. This is a rule to keep all your gold jewellery pieces away from chlorine and other harsh chemicals. When gold reacts with Chlorine, it can weaken down with time and ultimately breaks. Also, a lot of household cleaning liquids comprise of hard chemicals that create damage to gold jewellery. Another additional tip is wearing gloves made up of rubber while cleaning gold jewellery. 

  • Use vinegar for cleaning

If you want an alternative to soap for cleaning gold jewellery, you can use white vinegar to do so. Keep your jewellery in a vinegar bath and leave it soaked for approx. 15 minutes. You need to turn the items a few times before you finally remove them and scrub the dirt out of your jewellery with the help of a cloth or soft brush. 

Gold Jewellery 2

  • Use baking soda for polishing

For polishing your jewellery pieces at home, you must make use of baking soda. All that you need to do is coat your jewellery piece with baking soda all over it, dip it in a dashing amount of vinegar on the top with distilled water. You must note that this method is not completely safe for your jewellery pieces that contain pearls or gemstones will baking soda can cause harm to the finish of the material. 

These are some very effective tips you can follow for maintaining gold jewellery. All these tips are effective and easy to follow and can assure you to complete safety while cleaning tour gold jewellery. There are many other tips to maintain your gold jewellery, but the ones mentioned in this post are the most notable.