Paper Writing Marathon: Effective Tips to Create a Perfect Essay!

If you want to write a great essay, set aside enough time to work. You will have to rewrite and proofread your document several times, try several approaches and make sure that each sentence expresses your idea as much as possible.

Here are some tips to help you with this difficult assignment.

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Custom writing tricks for informative paper

1. Once you decide to enter a university, start slowly preparing. Keep a notebook with you and write down any interesting thoughts that come to your mind. An entertaining lecture, a negative assessment of work, an interesting conversation with a friend, a trip, participation in a marathon, an exciting book – all this can provide food for thought and help you prepare the material for your research. Don’t bother looking for an original topic – just write down your observations. Very soon you will notice that you have accumulated enough material.

2. When it’s time to write your essay, gather information that will help present you in a favorable light. Write down interesting information about yourself that will not necessarily be included in the resume: what languages ​​you know, what extracurricular activities you participated in, what traditions are observed in your family, etc. This material is also useful for papers.

Paper writing marathon2

3. Having received questions for the essay, do not rush to take up the essay. Even if you have collected a lot of material, you may have difficulties. Ultimately, answering the question “What is most important to you?” not so easy. Instead of wasting time thinking, try the following exercise: Set your alarm at 3 AM and ask yourself that question when you wake up. You yourself will be surprised what interesting thoughts come to your mind. Do this for several nights in a row – perhaps you will find several answers or think about a particular topic better.

4. Before writing, decide what topics you would like to cover in your essay. Match them with the questions and materials you collected earlier. That way, you will know for sure that you’ll tell about everything you wanted in your essays, and you won’t send the same essay to different universities.

5. Everyone works in their own way. Some find it easier to concentrate in the morning, some at night. Someone first writes a draft on paper, someone immediately sits down at the computer. Make a plan based on how you work best. In general, it will take you about 40 hours to write one essay: roughly this is the time it takes to compose, draft, proofread and edit. Be sure to set aside enough time to get started. Write one essay at a time. Don’t take a vacation or try to do everything in one week. It takes time for an interesting idea to develop into a really good piece. You may need six weeks, or perhaps all twelve.

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6. Many applicants strive for excellence, and this prevents them from working. They sit at the computer for hours trying to write the perfect essay, rewrite the draft over and over again and end up not getting past a few sentences. Editing is often easier than writing. So don’t think – just write. Even if the text isn’t perfect yet, it’s better than a blank page.

7. You need to find out as much as possible about the university you are going to attend. It is important to understand how to please the admissions committee. The requirements of each institution are slightly different. In this case …

Paper writing marathon1

8. … you can always make your work easier. All universities want their students to have the following qualities: 

  • Leadership 
  • Teamwork 
  • Ethics 
  • Communication skills 

It is not enough just to write that you have leadership qualities. You need to confirm this with examples from life so that the members of the selection committee will believe you. It is not necessary to write that you have all of the above qualities. Pick the ones that work for you and write about them honestly and convincingly.

9. Perfect people do not exist. University doesn’t expect you to be perfect, so you must show yourself to be a realistic person with a common point of view at your advantages and disadvantages. Oddities, weaknesses, flaws – all these reveal you as a person. Perhaps it is thanks to these features that the admissions committee will like you. Prove that you can learn from your mistakes, describe how you managed to overcome your weaknesses or overcome obstacles. It is also important to show that the MBA program will truly help you. After all, why would you need to study if you already know everything?

10. Do not work alone. Even if you are very good at writing, an outside point of view will not hurt. Ask someone to read your essays – maybe they will point out the inaccuracies in your assignments, or vice versa, they will complement your college essay. Are your jokes really funny? Do you seem too humble or over-confident, too serious or, conversely, frivolous? After you’ve spent weeks writing an essay, it’s hard for you to look at it with the eyes of the admissions committee that sees it for the first time. Seek assistance from someone familiar with the admission process and ask them to honestly evaluate your work, not just praise your success.

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