How to Buy a Fat Tire Bike Online

A fat tire bike is an excellent investment for everyday cruising or weekend adventures. Find out how you can create your own sense of adventure with a fat tire bike that fits your body type and riding style. Compare fat tire ebike vs regular options and use these steps to buy a new bike online. Order your new favorite ride online to enjoy great prices on leading bicycle brands.

Check Out the Rider Fit

Riding the wrong size of bicycle can leave you feeling uncomfortable, fatigued and unsatisfied. A small bicycle doesn’t allow you to fully extend your arms and legs. Over time, you may experience back pain and joint stiffness. A bike that’s too large can be equally uncomfortable.

When you shop for a fat tire bike, look at the frame and wheel size to determine the proper fit for your body type. Online shopping makes it easy, with recommended height ranges, arm lengths and leg lengths. These specifications are easy to find on an online store and help you enjoy peace of mind as you shop.


Compare Electric and Regular Bikes

Are you hitting a demanding trail with your fat tire bike, or are you shopping for a new commuter? Trail rides require a rugged bike and slow, steady speeds. A two-wheeled commute is typically over smooth roads or bike paths, which are great for electric bikes.

An ebike can be used with a pedal-assist feature to reach top speeds. You can also use it to cruise without pedaling, which is a great way to take a break without stopping. An electric fat tire cruiser bike may not have the rugged, off-road frame you need to conquer hilly courses, but it’s an ideal ride for daily commuting. The fat tire design keeps you comfortable as you navigate snow-covered streets or rocky paths on your way to work.

Review Bike Brands

The brand of bicycle you choose can make a major difference in your fat tire biking experience. Some bike brands offer reliable frames and comfortable riding styles. Look for a bike brand that fits you well, offers reliable regular and electric bike models and fits your budget.

Electric bike brands in particular offer a wide range of models and performance levels. Look for an electric bike with a durable battery. Review the lithium-ion battery watts and charging style. Batteries that charge while you bike may seem convenient, but they may not offer the long-lasting performance you want.


Determine Your Course

A cruiser-style bicycle may not typically have the off-road performance you need for trail riding, but fat tires offer their own suspension and improved traction. A fat tire beach cruiser may not be your new professional trail rider, but it can help you cruise through mud puddles, over gravel and around bumpy roads.

Set course for an unforgettable adventure in your electric or standard fat tire bike. Shop for beach cruiser bikes and other popular styles to match your course. Whether you’re sticking to pavement or adventuring into unknown territory, shop online to find a bike that fits your course.