Popular Fashion Accessories All Men Must Have

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Popular Fashion Accessories All Men Must Have-The most important part of fashion for a man lies in his dressing sense and his hairstyle. It tells a lot about the person. The dress and the hairstyle reflect the choice of a man. So, dressing plays a major role in making a guy look good and classy. But a well-dressed man doesn’t limit himself only to the clothes he is wearing, but also the accessories he has chosen to pair up with.

The era when style was only meant for girls and women is long gone. With time, fashion accessories have evolved itself and found an important place in the wardrobe of a man. The wardrobe of perfect men must look like a work of art which should reflect his on and off work life. The contents of a wardrobe draws a fine line between a regular man and a classy man. Though it doesn’t happen overnight, with perfect taste and imagination, you could make your wardrobe look classy by putting in the right fashion accessories. If you want to enhance your classiness and make the right style statement, then wearing the perfect accessories is the best option that you can ever have. So, let us have a look at the right fashion accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe.


A watch thus not only helps a person to keep track of time but also to enhance his/her look. No matter what occasion you are wearing it for, a watch always helps to complete a person’s style statement. The style of the watch you are wearing would play a huge role on your style taste. So, it is always recommended to wear a watch that matches your attire and of course your personality too. You can find men who have a huge collection of watches which they wear according to the occasion. But, having a single classy watch is much better than having thousands of classless watches. A leather strap watch with a classy medium sized dial is one of the best choices of mens watches that you can ever have. This kind of watch can be worn with almost accessories. Be it casual or formal, a classy leather strap watch can be worn regardless of the occasion.

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A sunglass not only helps a man to protect his eyes from the harmful radiation of the sun but to also enhance his looks. A good quality of a pair of sunglass is a must-have collection in your wardrobe. Over the years, a variety of sunglass style has been manufactured. From aviators to wayfarers, browline to round, there has been a huge change in the style of a sunglass. Moreover, you can have it in a variety of glasses such as mirror finish or UV finish. While choosing a sunglass, make sure that it has all the feature for the purpose that you would be wearing it for. Also, the shape of your sunglass is important to choose according to your face. You will find plenty of guides which would help you to choose the perfect pair of sunglass. Also, the color of your sunglass would also matters a lot. So while buying your own pair of shade, remember these three points:

  • Frame Style
  • Lens Finish
  • Lens Color

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 A classy pair of tie

A tie is one of the most important and versatile accessories of a men’s wardrobe. A formal attire is never completed without a tie. So, having a variety of ties in your wardrobe is a wise option as it will help you to wear it according to the occasion. But make sure that you don’t buy any cheap tie as it will look odd when you would pair it up with a classy shirt and suit. The most important factors to remember while choosing the perfect pair of a tie are:

  • The material of the tie
  • The color of the tie
  • And the occasion you would be wearing it for

No matter whether you are wearing it for a meeting, daily job or a fancy party, wearing a perfect pair of a tie for the perfect occasion would enhance your look abruptly. The two most versatile color of the tie is navy and black. These colors could be worn with almost all kind of occasion.

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A classy leather belt

Belts are one of the most underrated and neglected accessories in the wardrobe of a man. While picking up a belt, we choose without thinking much. A belt not only helps to hold your pant but to also enhance the look of your attire. A belt must be chosen as per the occasion you would be wearing it for, and leather is one of the most versatile material you can choose for your belt. A leather belt goes well with a formal attire as well as casual. Moreover, choosing a neutral color would help you to wear it for all occasion. Investing in a classy belt would never let you down. Go for the black or the brown and match it up with the perfect pair of shoe.

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The perfect pair of Shoes

Shoes are probably one of the most important part of a men’s accessories. Choosing the perfect pair of shoes as per the occasion is really important.  There is a variety of style of shoes available in the market that ranges from sneakers, leather shoes, crocs, suede shoes and much more. Each style has its own occasion and holds its own classiness with itself. A perfect pair of shoe that is clean would take your classiness to a whole new level in no time. But, while picking up your favorite pair of shoes, make sure that it is:

  • Comfortable
  • Matches the occasion you would be wearing it for
  • The color of the shoes goes well with the attire
  • The material and the style of the shoe is perfect for the occasion you would be wearing it for

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So, accessories are not limited to a necklace, bracelets, or earrings. For men, accessories mean much more than all these, From high end watches to cuff links and even the fabulous spa robe, there’s so much to count in men accessories.