Safety Tips When Saving Your Bikini Area

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Safety Tips When Saving Your Bikini Area- A good number of health and image conscious women will go any length to have their bikini area looking pristine and clean. It’s never an easy task, given the skills needed to cut or trim hair in a sensitive area. Any bikini shaving job gone wrong can be the beginning of stress, irritation, unsightly looks or nasty cuts. You can end up with bumps, ingrown hair and chronic irritation

To many, waxing the bikini area might not be the best way out. Many women are likely to be torn between the best ways to manage the hair down there. But then, you can shave your hair using the best bikini hair trimmers. To avoid the pain and hassle associated with the bikini shaving job, here are some tips to know.

Invest In a Good Bikini Trimmer

Choosing the right bikini trimmer is the first step to ensuring your bikini line ends up looking like a fine piece of polished artwork. You need to review bikini trimmers until you find one with the kind of specs you want. Don’t choose one that heats up or one whose ergonomics are a tad too cumbersome. You can do with a bikini razor but the trimmer guarantees you more safety. Remember, there are times you don’t want to clear the bush entirely; the trimmer will let you trim according to your preferred taste.

Prep To Prevent Ingrown Hair Problems

Preparing for a bikini trimming job is important. In fact, it’s how you prep the area that determines the end result. Use warm water preferably during shower time to soften the hairs and the skin in the outlying area. You will have an easy time trimming. If your trimmer isn’t of the wet shaving type, dry the area gently using a towel.

Don’t Ignore Shaving Cream

In the process of shaving your bikini area, you need to incorporate shaving cream. This cream shouldn’t be used as an embellishment. You want to ensure that your skin remains free of irritation. Remember, not all shaving creams are ideal for the job. You need to pick a quality cream with additional qualities including moisturizing ingredients, and skin conditioning capabilities. It’s advisable to apply the shaving cream sparingly such that you can see what you are working on.

Insist On Alcohol Free Products

After you shave, it’s important that you moisturize as well. The bikini area needs to be hydrated with an alcohol free product. If you ignore the need to moisturize or if you use an alcohol-laden product, it could lead to dry and easily irritated skin. Your moisturizer needs to come with natural oils such as jojoba and Aloe Vera is equally a great option.

Pay Attention to Your Bikini Shaving Technique

When shaving your bikini area, there’s need to be particular about the methods and the technique in use. The way you shave will determine whether you end up with a bump-laden surface. If you are shaving oblivious of the direction your shaver moves, you could end up with cuts and ingrown hairs won’t stop bothering you. To be safe, go with the direction of the hair and not against it.

It’s important to check the kind of pressure you are bearing down on the bikini area. Since your hairs have softened, you need to be gentle. Remember, the curvaceous nature of the groin areas requires attention and confidence when trimming those hairs. Don’t go for too many passes unless you want to clear everything out.

Calm Your Skin after Shaving the Bikini Area

After you are done with all the hairs, you need to wash off. You can do a semi-cold shower or have a cold press around the area for at least 10-15 minutes. If you have an anti-irritation serum or oil, it’s the best time to apply it. This helps mitigate the aftermath of razor burn or irritation. Products that soothe the skin such as tea tree or jojoba oil are ideal you want something that will cater to the inflammation and curb infections. If you have cut or grazed yourself in the process, choose creams or oil that will tone down irritation swelling or redness.