16 Vacation Destinations That Might Be Right For You

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Tired of the everyday routine and looking to take an exciting vacation? Well, if you want to snorkel with sharks or view ancient hieroglyphs, here are sixteen destinations that might be right for you:

16. The Maldives –

The Maldives –

This small country is formed out of twenty-six atolls and can be found in the Indian Ocean. If you’re looking into taking a tropical vacation soon, you might want to book a flight to the Maldives . There are endless activities to do in this stunning nation. Some of the beaches include Bikini Beach, a must for ladies who want to get an even tan, Veligandu Island Beach, and Hulhumale Beach. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Emas Thila , also known as Manta Point, a reef where the majestic creatures like to shack up during north-east monsoon season. It’s a great place to practice your scuba skills, and the scenery won’t disappoint! Plus, the Maldives offer numerous cultural experiences. Visit some of the beautiful Mosques if you’re interested in architecture or make a trip to the Male Fish Market if you want to observe the daily catch.

15. Egypt –

Egypt –

This country is known for its ancient roots in a time where pharaohs ruled the roost. But, even though those years are long past, Egypt still offers plenty of exciting ventures that any traveler would enjoy. One of the most noteworthy things to do in this country is to visit the Pyramids of Giza. These include the pyramids of Khafre , Menkaure , and Khufu , which is the tallest. Plus, while you’re checking out these geometrical wonders, you can also study The Great Sphinx of Giza , or even schedule a tour to view all four for under twenty US dollars, according to TripAdvisor. If rest and relaxation is more your style, book a four-day cruise on the River Nile. However, there is a multitude of places to see in Egypt. Other options are visiting Cairo to see some centuries-old architecture , taking a stroll through some of the country’s numerous museums, or shopping for various trinkets and clothes in the Khan Al-Khalili marketplace.

14. Las Vegas –

Las Vegas-

The Entertainment Capital of the World won’t let you down, especially if you want to forget about the chores of everyday life and party like there’s no tomorrow. On the Las Vegas Strip, tourists can visit the city’s lively casinos, including the MGM Grand, the Luxor, if they want a taste of Egypt without actually going there, the Aria, and much more! If you’re interested in seeing a show, there are several ongoing residencies, such as Cirque du Soleil’s O and Michael Jackson ONE, Absinthe at Caesars Palace, and Donny and Marie at the Flamingo. Plus, if you’re a culinary connoisseur, restaurants are lining Las Vegas Boulevard. A couple of these fine-dining establishments are Morimoto Las Vegas and Lupo by Wolfgang Puck. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even view the sunrise from a hot air balloon, fly over the Grand Canyon, or take in the beautiful desert scenery of Red Rock Canyon.

13. Norway –


This European nation is known for its breathtaking sights. So, if you’re looking for a vacation spot that will awe you with natural wonders, Norway is the place for you. There are numerous waterfalls throughout the country, including Latefossen , Voringsfossen , and the Seven Sisters. If you’re there during the summer months, you’ll even get to experience the Midnight Sun, in which complete darkness doesn’t fall, giving the appearance of a long-standing sunset. Plus, the Northern Lights show up regularly in Norway’s night sky. You can also take in city life by scheduling a tour of the country’s capital, Oslo. While you’re enjoying Norway’s lively metropolis, don’t forget to stop at the Viking Ship Museum or the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.

12. Portugal –

Portugal –

This country is found in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula and spans to the Azores and Madeira archipelagos . One of the most astonishing sites to visit in Portugal is the Ponta da Piedade , a geologic landmark in Lagos known for its jagged cliffs that protrude from the clear, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You can also check out the Benagil Sea Cave, located east of the Grotto. There are even several wine-tasting tours available for purchase that will allow you to visit vineyards and enjoy Portuguese cuisine. If you’re heading to Lisbon , the nation’s capital, you can view its various architecturally stunning buildings, participate in the festive nightlife, or even walk around the Lisbon Zoo. Whether you want to sight-see or dance until dawn, Portugal offers something for everyone!

11. Bonaire –

Bonaire –

This island is part of the Leeward Antilles , located in the Caribbean Sea. It’s also known as one of the ABC Islands, along with Curacao and Aruba. If you’re interested in a tropical getaway, Bonaire is the destination for you. There are several wildlife areas to see, including the Bonaire National Marine Park, where you can get your dive on, Klein Bonaire, which is uninhabited but surrounded by an immaculate coral reef, and the Flamingo Sanctuary, where you can view the bright pink birds in their natural habitat. You can also check out the island’s Salt Flats, which exhibit a rose-colored lake. Bonaire even gives travelers a chance to milk goats and try fresh feta cheese at Aletta’s Goat Farm.

10. Bulgaria –

Bulgaria –

This nation is located in southeastern Europe. It is known for its mountainous geography, various natural wonders, ancient ruins, and museums. If you’re an avid spelunker , Bulgaria has numerous caves that are sure to spark your interest. Some of these beautiful caverns include the Devetashka Cave, which features openings in the ceiling allowing for illumination of its details, and the Orlova Chuka Cave, which encompasses awe-inspiring rock formations and stays chilly throughout the summer months. If you’re a history buff, remember to visit the Plovdiv Roman Theatre ruins or the Belogradchik Fortress, a stronghold which was taken over by the Ottomans in the late 1300s. Keep Bulgaria’s many museums in mind as well, such as the Plovdiv Ethnographic Museum, if you want to learn more about the country’s culture.

9. Rome –

Rome –

This romantic city is the perfect place to go if you’re interested in the arts, architecture, history, or all of the above. There are boundless activities to enjoy that will keep you on your feet and attentive in The Eternal City. One stop that you shouldn’t pass up is the Colosseum. This enormous amphitheater housed the famed battles of gladiators; as gruesome as that is, visiting this ancient ruin should make everyone’s bucket-list. Keep Rome’s various museums in mind as well. The Vatican Museums contain thousands of works, including notable sculptures, paintings, and frescoes, like the pieces in the world-renowned Sistine Chapel. If you find yourself feeling famished in Rome, don’t fret! There are tons of delicious destinations throughout Italy’s capital, such as La Pergola , which has three Michelin Stars.

8. Japan –

Japan –

This island country is a marvelous destination for those who want diverse experiences all in one stop. From its bustling nightlife and advanced technology to its beautiful landscapes and mouthwatering cuisine, there is nothing you can’t do in the Land of the Rising Sun. If you’re looking to see a show featuring neon lights and Mr. Roboto while you eat, don’t forget to check out Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku . You won’t get bored watching lasers, dancing, and singing from the sidelines while you eat your meal. Another option is to make a day trip to Mount Fuji , where you can take in majestic views and hope the volcano doesn’t decide to erupt for the first time in three hundred years while you’re standing next to it. Remember to try and make time to see Japan’s many beautifully-constructed religious buildings as well, such as the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine. At this tribute to the god Inari , you can stroll down the long hallway lined with bright orange Japanese gates, called “torii .”

7. Ecuador –

Ecuador –

This nation is located in the northwestern region of South America. If you’re a wildlife fanatic, Ecuador should be at the top of your list for travel destinations: specifically, the Galapagos Islands, which are found about five hundred miles west of the mainland. These islands are known for the extraordinarily diverse species that inhabit them, which were once studied by Charles Darwin and was essential for his Theory of Evolution. So, if you want to dive into the ocean, dive into history, and view some amazing creatures, one of the first places you should go is Galapaguera de Cerro Colorado, to see some of the world’s last giant tortoises. You can even check out the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about the renowned scientist and take a look at more fascinating species. While you’re there, remember to spend some time on the beach. A great place to soak up some sun is Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay, where the sand is white, the water is sparkling blue, and the wildlife roams free.

6. Sri Lanka –

Sri Lanka –

This island nation is located in South Asia. It’s stunning landscapes, wildlife, monuments, and ruins are sure to keep travelers interested. If you’re heading to Sri Lanka any time soon, start your trip off with some awe-inspiring views. One option is to hike up to Ella Rock, where you can take in the mountainous scenery and greenery from atop the rock’s peak. If you’re looking to befriend some of the nation’s largest mammals, remember to stop by the Elephant Freedom Project, where you can accompany the creatures on walks and even take part in an elephant’s bath! Another thing to do is head up to the Citadel of Sigiriya , an ancient ruin with colossal lion claws decorating the entrance. It also features frescoes, gardens, and ponds, and is one of the country’s most-visited landmarks.

5. Paris –

Paris –

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Paris, France is on the list for top vacation spots. The City of Light has been a popular destination for tourists for years. From its astonishing landmarks to its unmatched cuisine, there are limitless things to do in this capital. You’ll probably want to make stops at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe to get those Instagram shots you’ve been waiting for, but remember to save time for the numerous other activities Paris has to offer. You might want to take an entire day to see the renowned paintings and sculptures the Louvre has on display. If you’re feeling spooky, take a trip underground to see the city’s famed catacombs. Plus, the food in this town is exceptional. For a fine-dining experience, make a reservation at Epicure , which has three Michelin Stars. Another option is to catch a show, such as Moulin Rouge, during which you can witness cabaret dancing and enjoy more delicious Parisian fare.

4. Budapest –

Budapest –

In the capital of Hungary, there are numerous things to keep you entertained and on your feet. This metropolis has all sorts of activities for tourists to do. From visiting historical sites and enjoying the culture to partaking in Budapest’s nightlife, you’re sure to enjoy every minute of your vacation here. One of the most beloved places to visit is the Parliament . This grand structure features a fantastic composition, intricate designs, and a great deal of history. You can also take a trip to Fisherman’s Bastion for some more breathtaking architecture. If you want to go for a dip in some relaxing, warm water, then make a stop at the Szechenyi Baths. Another option is to pay a visit to the Faust Wine Cellar if you’re interested in a romantic evening. The cellar’s rock walls, candlelight, and wine selection are sure to impress your honey.

3. Thailand –

Thailand –

This nation can be found in southeast Asia. Numerous activities will keep tourists busy throughout Thailand, including nature tours, visiting historical sites, and checking out the country’s various beaches. One of the most extraordinary places to visit in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, which encompasses impressive wildlife, majestic waterfalls, and an extravagant Buddhist temple. You can also spend some time at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, which features ornate golden statues, incredible architectural detail, and, of course, a gigantic depiction of Buddha lying on his side. If you want to go for a dip in some clear, blue water, then take a trip to Koh Rok Island. The island’s spectacular scenery and white sand beaches won’t disappoint!

2. Aruba –

Aruba –

This small island is located north of the Venezuelan coast. If you’re looking for a tropical fun-filled vacation with beautiful ocean views, Aruba is the destination for you! Some of the island’s geological features are sure to impress, such as the Natural Pool, where you can swim in the crystal clear water and watch as ocean waves crash over the surrounding rock formations. You can also pay a visit to the Natural Bridge, an over-water passage made entirely of stone. Remember to check out Arashi Beach during your stay as well, where you can get a tan while staring out at the vast ocean. Another fun stop is The Butterfly Farm, which features butterfly species from all over the world and will keep both children and adults intrigued!

1. Bora Bora –

Bora Bora –

This group of islands is located northwest of the French Polynesian capital. As far as tropical getaways go, you can’t find anything better than Bora Bora. This paradise offers numerous activities that’ll keep you having fun in the sun. One of its most famous beaches is Matira Beach, where the spectacular white sand and bright blue water will keep you in awe. You can also book a tour to view the islands’ sharks and stingrays, jetski, and check out some colorful coral reefs while you snorkel. Another of Bora Bora’s captivating sights is Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia, which are the remains of an inactive volcano. So, if you’re looking for adventure and want to soak up a lot of vitamin D, these islands should be at the top of your list!