8 Must-Haves for Spring Festivals

8 Must-Haves for Spring Festivals These days, music festivals are as much about the music as they are about fashion. Festivals like Coachella, Stagecoach, and Electric Daisy Carnival are great opportunities to break out of your comfort zone and have fun with your look. In order to be Instagram-ready, you should plan your outfits beforehand. If you’ve been timid with style in the past, a music festival is the perfect venue to explore a new identity and be a little more outrageous than you are in your day-to-day life.

Below are some fashion must-haves you can incorporate into your wardrobe so you’re festival ready by the time spring rolls around.

1. Fringe or semi-sheer skirt

If you’re planning on wearing a bodysuit to a festival, that’s a classic option that won’t do you wrong. Consider throwing on this Clear the Sway Fringe Belt by Nasty Gal on top to add some visual interest and fun to your outfit.

Not a fan of fringe? Try a semi-sheer maxi skirt for a slightly more modest look that will still keep you cool in the hotter afternoon temperatures.

2. Romper

If you’re ready to go bold, consider this Acid Ride Cutout Romper by Dolls Kill. A romper is the perfect solution for a spring festival because instead of matching a top and a bottom, you just need to throw it on and walk out the door. It’s a low-maintenance look you won’t have to worry about as you dance the weekend away. Just make sure you wear sunscreen if you want to avoid unseemly tan lines.

3. Sunglasses

Don’t forget a cool pair of festival sunglasses by MVMT. Protecting your eyes from the sun is just as important as protecting your skin. And just like you should wear sunscreen even if you’re hanging out in the shade, you should also continue to rock shades in the shade.

Plus, the right pair of stylish sunglasses will add a devil-may-care look to any feminine outfit. Choose trendy round frames or a classic cat-eye depending on the rest of your attire.

3. Shimmer and glitter

Glitter, sparkle, and shimmer are absolute musts for any festival. Why? They delivers that added “oomph” you can’t get with just clothes alone.

For a more subtle glow, go for Roses N Rosé Shimmering Body Oil which gives your skin a lovely sheen for that all-day slay. For a bolder look, try some cosmetic glitter and apply it to your cheekbones for an out-of-this-world sparkle.

You can even apply larger cosmetic glitter as freckles for a truly unique look, the festival world is your oyster, after all.

4. Hat or Visor

The sun isn’t a joke at spring music festivals—you’re going to spend most of your day completely exposed to UV rays. Protect your skin and face with a holographic sun visor. Or, if you want something a little simpler, a faded baseball hat delivers a casual feel to an otherwise formal look. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect your neck.

A wide brim hat like the Wild Heart Felt Hat another option if you’re looking for the final polish on a bohemian gypsy outfit.

5. Sheer Festival Dress

The perfect accompaniment to a body suit or bralette and bloomers combo: a semi-sheer festival dress. A dress is always a great idea because it’s a no-fuss solution that avoids having to coordinate pants and a top. A mesh-fabric dress will keep you cool even as the festival grounds heat up, so keep that in mind if you go this route.

Sheer Festival Dress

6. Fanny Pack

A bag is essential for a music festival because, where else are you going to put your chapstick and ID? But, lugging around a huge bag is not ideal. So, what’s a girl to do? Bring a fanny pack!

These hands-free accessories allow you to dance and wander around with carefree verve.

7. Temporary Tattoos

If you can’t commit to a real tattoo, get a pack of temporary tattoos to instantly increase your cool factor. Going to a music festival with a bunch of friends? Get matching temporary friendship tattoos!

8. Flower Crown

Don’t forget about your hair when you’re planning out your outfit. A flower crown is a music festival staple but if you want to think outside of the box, you can also incorporate barrettes (yes, it’s time to go back to your childhood).

If you’re crafty, you can DIY a fun festival headband by adding rhinestones or beads.

In Conclusion

Festival fashion is about having fun so don’t get too wrapped up in creating the perfect outfit. After all, while Instagram will play a part in the experience, you’re there for the music. With these tips, you can sashay into any festival with total confidence, although we recommend staying away from any festival starting with ‘Fyre’.