Delivery Drivers/Couriers Are in Demand

As consumers expect quick delivery of goods from online eCommerce shops, thanks to Amazon’s standard 2-day delivery, there is an upsurge in demand for on-demand couriers. This increase in demand for same day delivery has created job opportunities for on-demand courier services.

If you consider a career in car services, that is the right decision to make in the year 2021. Many upcoming courier services are looking to hire drivers/couriers right now. And you might be next. Research for the right company to work for by reading online reviews on Reviews Bird to discover reputable companies you can work for.

With the rise of eCommerce platforms and the need for urgent delivery services, there is a booming demand for jobs in courier and on-demand delivery services.

You can call it the “Amazon effect” people buying goods online now expect delivery within two days. Beyond that, we are not boarding! We want it now! Those pair of sneakers you purchased online, or grocery prescriptions, we want it delivered the same day.

As more customers consider ditching traditional shopping for online shopping, some million people are getting income through on-demand courier jobs. Some large courier services makeover 300,000 deliveries every day, and we expect to see more in future because businesses have to keep up with growth.

These jobs for on-demand courier/drivers are equally paying like the rest. The demand for grocery goods is surging because hitting deadlines of less than two days. The same day deliveries are about twenty million, and we project to about eighty million over the next four years. There is a new trend for courier services. Individual contractors supply labour for deliveries across the globe, further strengthening online eCommerce.


It is now uncommon to see drivers working for different companies. Thanks to the flexibility of work conditions. Beyond flexibility, customers and analysts claim the pay is favourable paying slightly above the state’s minimum wage.

Things started going haywire when lockdowns were put into effect in most developed cities. Couriers are not doctors or nurses, but they are on the frontline delivering goods to people who might not even if they have the virus or not. Therefore, courier drivers make an impossible choice to self-isolate for two weeks if they suspect they have caught the virus.

How to qualify as an independent courier contractor

Qualifications you need to work as a courier contractor include a high school diploma and driving license. Many courier services do not list post-secondary qualifications as mandatory. However, these qualifications are desirable. A clean driving record is a must because courier services do not require a commercial driving license for vehicles less than 13 tons of those carrying hazardous packages. Most independent courier contractors use personal vehicles, so a reliable vehicle with up to date insurance cover and the valid license plate is desirable.

An independent delivery driver must know all aspects of the business since he or she is also a business owner. You must own some administration and managerial skills to become a responsible business owner and own a delivery truck. That is the most important!