Travel Industry Trends: What Will Change in 2021

Technology will play a key role in reshaping hospitality brands to limit the chances of contamination. The next thing is to expect a shift of impulsive-travellers and self-planners turning over to travel agencies because they are already feeling the pinch because there’s a clutter of information available. It is getting confusing for self-planners and impulsive travellers. The travel industry is now up and running thanks to the technology that is paving the way for safer and cleaner travel. Digital signage solutions have helped the travel industry¬†open safely after the main wave of the covid pandemic.

Expect the new normal to bring families and friends close together, get involved in transcontinental travel.

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COVID-19 vaccine will bring stability to the world, and the following are the key trends to expect in 2021 to change the industry forever.

Popular tourist destinations will change.

Travel Industry Trends1

Travellers, young and veterans would have a second thought of visiting popular destination cities like Paris, Rome, and more at the bottom of their destination lists. Why? Because tourists now see the need to visit lesser-visited destination countries and those that have managed COVID-19 effectively for fear of contracting the disease.

The means to commute within a country will change.

Everything was okay until 2020; people could choose the most efficient means to commute from the workplace and home. Now the means to commute will change drastically. People will prefer the most hygienic and contactless means to and from their workplaces. Technology will come into the picture to promote contactless hospitality brands that reduce the chances of contamination. Those travel services for a few will now become the mainstream travel option.

The demand for travel agency services and advisories will skyrocket.

Avid travellers and self-planners are already getting overwhelmed by the travel restrictions imposed by different travel destinations, and the clutter of bevvy information is forcing them to turn to travel experts and advisory services. This trend will spill over to 2021, possibly and might become the norm going forward.

Travel plans in 2021 will involve more family reunions.

Travel Industry Trends2

Having spent most of the year in the wilderness away from family, and worrying about their safety, 2021 will see more family reunions as travel restrictions are relaxed. Expect people to reunite with families and maybe go for a trip together.

The work-from-home model will increase monthly vacations.

As many people continue working from home, many are giving up the option of physical workplace and embracing vacations in more picturesque mountains or near the beach. In the hospitality industry, bookings at AirBnB and other homestays open up their properties and offer affordable rates enticing families to work remotely.

Consumer travel will be different in 2021

The hospitality industry will experience extended homestays; people will be planning vacations intentionally as the work from home model gets redefined. Quick trips will decrease in demand unlike its outlook in pre-COVID season. Sustainability will be key as many people turn to contactless options to transact, boosting the need to go paperless and contactless options.


As the travel industry continues to open up, we expect it to spur the economy to its feed as COVID vaccine continues to roll out allowing avid travellers to hit the roads and the air like never before in their quest to fill their thirst to travel.