Impossible Is Nothing It’s Just A Mere Word

Impossible is nothing – When we all are kids we dream and we have ability to achieve those dreams at that period of time but when we grownup we lose that ability to seize our goals/dreams. Then we all lose our hope for dreams we think it’s just a mere fantasy but my friends dream are not just dream we call them dream because those dreams are our goal, a life achievement and we all forgot those dreams because it’s too hard for us to achieve what we have dreamt and then time passes we all forget those dreams and we just say it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

It you pursue a goal no matter how hard it is to get there I want you to go there, if is up in sky you achieve it, if it is underground you dig it, if it is right in front of you just have to grab it!!!!!!. But first you have to believe that there is no such thing as impossible. It’s just a word and you have to count it as just a word nothing more and then when you have embraced that impossible is nothing. You have to make other believe that what you have seen in your dream is possible.

It’s necessary to know that everybody won’t see it that everybody won’t join you that everybody won’t imagine it. It’s up to you to make them join you, to make them imagine what you have imagined, to make them see it what you have seen and for that you have to achieve what you think as impossible. Giving up on anything is easy but to pursue those things is too hard for anyone but I want you to believe in yourself and seize you goals to victory!

Steve jobs pursued his dreams and later he invented Macintosh, Typography on  screen, Mouse, iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone if he didn’t invented those things we were still roaming backwards there are many other gems who pursued there dream and become one of the most recognizable person in the word. People like Mr. Albert Einstein, Mr. Thomas Edison, and Mr. Nikola Tesla. They have bad time too, they lost their hopes too, but they didn’t give up and now whole world knows their names and they are idols of many people.

I just want you to believe that nothing is impossible and I m not saying just to pursue dream there are times when you will lose your hope because life is hard even for a hardcore person but I want you to take that impossible word out of your dictionary no matter how hard it is you are going to make it possible!!!!

Impossible Is Nothing

2-nothing is impossible

3-nothing is impossible

4-nothing is impossible

5-nothing is impossible

6-nothing is impossible

7-nothing is impossible

8-nothing is impossible

9-nothing is impossible

10-nothing is impossible

11-nothing is impossible

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