Hog Heaven: Ranking the Best and Worst US Cities for Riding Motorcycles

The Department of Transportation in the United States has recorded the largest number of registered motorcycles in history. With increased ownership of motorcycles, riders are looking for roads that are safe and enjoyable. They are also keen on weather, road conditions, laws of the land, and mesmerizing sceneries. This article ranks the best and worst US cities for motorcycle riders.

The Best Cities for Motorcycles

1. Kahului, HI

Kahului in Hawaii is the best city for motorcycle riders. The town has unsurpassed weather conditions for riders with an annual temperature of 70 degrees. In addition, Kahului has more than 290 sunny days, which makes the city favorable. There are no strict laws that relate to motorcycle riders and owners in the city. Helmet law applies only to riders below the age of 18.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. The island has gorgeous roads such as the Road to Hana and Maui loop. Beautiful sceneries surround the roads, and they are also safe throughout the year. Annual motorcycle fatality is also low, with an average of 17.6

2. Key West, FL

Key West, Florida ranks second in this list. The city has the best riding roads in the entire country. Motorcycle riders dream of riding along the Overseas Highway, a stretching highway that cuts across the sea. The city also has more than 258 sunny days and an average temperature of 70.7 degrees. These are perfect weather conditions for riding a motorcycle throughout the year.

The roads are also safe, with less traffic and 26.21 annual motorcycle deaths. Helmet law applies only to riders below 21 years. Florida is gorgeous, and riders should go for a vacation and enjoy the experience.

Riding Motorcycles1

3. Shreveport, LA

Located at the heart of Louisiana, Shreveport is one of the best cities for motorcycle riders. The city’s weather conditions are favorable throughout the year, with more than 266 sunny days. The annual temperature in the city is 66 degrees, and the roads are always safe. As a result, the city has less traffic and 20.29 annual motorcycle deaths.

Shreveport has a specific route that can offer an unmatched experience. The Bonnie and Clyde Route gives riders a chance to go through a historical spot where Bonnie and Clyde were shot dead. The highways in the city are wide and open for a perfect riding experience.

4. El Paso, TX

El Paso is in Texas, and it experiences fewer rains and warm temperatures throughout the year. The combination makes the city a perfect paradise for motorcycle riders. The Transmountain Road is the all-time destination for motorcycle riders. The road cuts along Franking Mountains, which brings about a panoramic view.

The roads are wide, open and with less traffic. The city also has the fewest motorcycle deaths in the country, with an average of 16.25. Helmet law applies to riders below 21, and there are also fewer traffic rules than in other cities. It is a perfect city by all means, but riders should avoid rush hours, especially around Murchison Park.

The Worst Cities for Motorcycle Riding

1. Houston, TX

Houston is the worst city for motorcycle lovers. The city has the most cases of motorcycle fatalities in the country. Heavy traffic, narrow roads, and careless driving are the key factors behind many fatalities. The weather is also not favorable for riders. The weather is most of the time humid, and there are many precipitation days.

2. Washington D.C.

The city is regarded as a nightmare for riders because of dangerous roads. The likelihood of an accident occurring is 109.3% higher compared to the country’s average. Similar to Houston, Washington D.C has heavy traffic, narrow roads, and reckless drivers. This explains the high number of accidents in the city.

The weather is also terrible for riders throughout the year. The city is windy throughout the year, with a 1% precipitation. Rainy seasons are always heavy, and this makes it hard for riders to navigate.

3. Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is also a no-go zone for riders. The city has an 82.6% chance of motorcycle accidents occurring. The leading cause of these accidents is poor roads. Most of the roads in Baltimore have potholes, debris, and other road defects. Other factors such as careless driving also play a part.

The city is picturesque with unique features; however, the inclement weather conditions make it hard for riders to enjoy the city. Most of the days are rainy, and it is always windy.

4. Providence, RI

Providence is a famous city in Rhode Island. It has incredible weather and a beautiful environment for motorcycle riders. However, there has been a rise in motorcycle deaths in recent years. The leading cause of these cases is not yet clear since weather and road safety factors have already been ruled out.

The primary assumption would be the driver’s recklessness due to loose traffic rules. The city does not require riders to wear helmets. Providence is a fantastic city for riders, but they should always be careful.

5. Los Angeles, CA

LA has more than 8 million registered motorcycles. However, it records many motorcycle fatalities every year. This explains why it is on the list of worst cities for motorcycle riders. In addition, the weather in winters can be dangerous for riders, and the city has some of the worst traffic issues in the world.

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