The Rise of Digital Nomads: 10 Best Cities for Remote Workers

Wanderlust has enticed workers to take an alternative approach to work and lifestyle choices. While this trend was on the rise prior to the COVD-19 pandemic, it has increased with the normalization of remote work. Digital nomads are employed using telecom, therefore, they can attend meetings virtually, link into conference calls, and answer emails from wherever they decide to call home. This adventurous category of workers shares a commonality of seeking new places to explore and live, however, the duration for which a digital nomad stays in one city varies. Therefore, explore the ten options below if you’re considering a nomadic lifestyle.

Jacksonville, Florida

This coastal city is in close proximity to the border of Georgia. It is enticing due to its beaches, city life, culture, arts, and sports. Popular beaches in the area include Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach but there are plenty of other options and even a nearby island with a herd of wild horses. Another perk is the vast food scene, which offers local options and comforting Southern fare. Jacksonville also offers affordable housing and has a lower cost of living than other popular southern coastal cities like Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. For digital nomads who dream of calling the sunshine state home, MoveDay Movers Jacksonville has their moving needs covered.

Asheville, North Carolina

This Western North Carolina city is nestled in the breathtakingly beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Architecture reminiscent of the Art Deco era decorates the city’s skyline. Both downtown and hip West Asheville are home to trendy restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, venues, and bars that locals frequent. Perfect for the digital nomad who doubles as an outdoor enthusiast, the region is home to a multitude of hiking trails and also offers camping, climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and mountain biking opportunities.

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Nashville, Tennessee

Famous for the honky tonk scene down on the street of Broadway, Nashville has all the charm of the South and appeal of a hip city. Neighborhoods like 12 South, East Nashville, and Sylvan Park are walkable areas housing unique businesses including yoga studies, local fashion labels, specialty wine shops, hot chicken shacks, and vegan restaurants. The city has an extensive greenway system and the Tennessee River zig-zags throughout its different borrows, offering spectacular skyline views.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Neighboring cities to Fort Collins include Denver and Boulder, which have grown in popularity over the previous decade. Fort Collins has equally as much to offer but comes with a smaller price tag for housing and a laid-back atmosphere. Digital nomads seeking the solace of natural landscapes and outdoor adventures will be comfortable in this Colorado city.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is known for having bright lights and a thriving nightlife, but this Nevadan city has more to offer than just tourist attractions. In fact, parts of the city have a retro vibe, like the shops, restaurants, and homes located just outside of the popular Fremont Street area. The city offers inexpensive rent prices compared to other major cities in the region, especially nearby Southern California.

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Digital nomads yearning to experience the feel of a historic Spanish city, without flying to Europe, will be attracted to Sante Fe. The city was established by Spanish settlers in the early 1600s. Many historic buildings still stand today, echoing the city’s rich history and creating a vibrant atmosphere. The city has no shortage of culture, Southwestern cuisine, natural wonders, museums, and historic sites.

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Austin, Texas

This Texas city is known for being quirky and original. It has a strong community atmosphere and offers a robust music scene, including the well-known festival Austin City Limits. You catch locals cooling off in the area’s lake during the hot summer months before heading out to a local restaurant for dinner and then catching their favorite local band play a set. It is both a destination that is welcoming to families and individuals.

Salt Lake City, Utah

This bustling city is impressively tucked away at elevations exceeding 4,000 feet and boasts a stunning mountain backdrop. It is also home to the Great Salt Lake, which unlike most lakes in the United States contains salt water not fresh water. The area and state in its entirety present many opportunities for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, even in the snowy winter months.

Burlington, Vermont

New England autumn and a quaint atmosphere with local shops, parks, and restaurants heightens the appeal of this Vermont city. Located on Lake Champlain, the area is rich with natural beauty and history. It is also a short drive from the Canadian border. There is a strong health and wellness culture among many of the city’s residents, making it an excellent place to settle for the digital nomad focused on a self-care journey.

Eugene, Oregon

Eugene is a great option for those interested in Portland but can’t afford the rent rates. Eugene embraces a similar culture to Portland, with a strong emphasis on local organic foods, farmers markets, art, and alternative living practices. Oregon boasts dense forests that have the appearance of a fairytale scene. It is an ideal location for those interested in nature, community, ethical and sustainable living, and other alternative lifestyles.