5 Reasons Why Keepsakes Are Better Than Throw Away Gifts

Are you fed up with wasting your hard-earned money on boring and generic gifts that no one really wants? Whilst buying gifts for family and friends can feel like a never-ending task, there are ways to make this experience more enjoyable. Both for you as the gift buyer and for the recipient. 

If you have never bought a keepsake gift before, then prepare to be blown away. So much more thoughtful, heartfelt, and original; read on to discover five reasons why keepsakes are so much better than throw away gifts. Plus, get some inspiration for keepsake gifts for your loved ones, with options to suit all budgets. 

Keepsakes hold sentimental value 

If you want to give someone a gift that they will remember for many years to come, then a sentimental keepsake is the perfect choice. Guaranteed to bring a tear, or two, to your loved one’s eyes, the right keepsake gift can evoke powerful emotions. 

For example, a t-shirt quilt made out of your kid’s old clothes or a baby blanket made from a selection of their first outfits. 

Keepsakes 2

Keepsakes are one-of-a-kind

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money to spend or a smaller budget; keepsakes will always be well received as they are so much more original than throwaway gifts. 

Furthermore, you can make a keepsake gift even more unique by adding a personalized element such as an engraving or customized embroidery. You could even choose to make a keepsake for someone you love, with many DIY keepsake ideas to choose from. 

Keepsakes are better for the environment 

By nature keepsakes are designed to be kept for many years, so they are a much more environmentally friendly gift than a throwaway gift. 

Keepsakes are also much more likely to be passed down from one generation to the next, making them even more long-lasting and permanent. For an even more sustainable gifting experience, why not make a keepsake gift by upcycling an item you already own? 

Keepsakes celebrate memories 

There is nothing quite like looking back on happy memories on special occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, and what better gift to help do this than a keepsake? 

Some of the most popular keepsake gifts include photobooks and keepsake boxes, both of which can be filled with memories that you can your loved one can look back on together with a smile. 

Keepsakes 3

Keepsakes are priceless

You can’t put a price on happiness and keepsake gifts deliver this in abundance. Although you may think that someone will love an expensive gift, they are much more likely to appreciate something thoughtful and heartfelt such as a keepsake. In particular, keepsakes are great for celebrating joyous occasions such as the birth of a baby or a one-off special event such as a graduation. It can be tailored to the occasion, but it will forever remind the receiver of their emotions at that time.