Sports Shoe Brands That Will Dominate 2022

Top-notch multi-purpose shoes that are both nice-looking and comfortable can make you look very stylish. If you want to unleash your sense of style, choose the right shoes. The choice is determined by a multitude of factors, including the type and color of your footwear, as well as the cut and the brand. In this post, we’ll guide you through the shoe brands that will be in charge in 2022.

Here’s a brief overview before we delve into details:

  • Nike: their shoes are both comfy and stylish;
  • Adidas: sports are all the rage these days, as well as this brand;
  • Reebok: their durable fashion and sports shoes appeal to many people throughout the world;
  • Puma: this brand has footwear to offer for everyone, both athletes and fashionistas;
  • Converse: this brand is oftentimes the global synonym for ‘shoes.’

Check out the details on each brand below and don’t forget to browse through models of your favorite No Name shoes

1. Nike: The Crown Jewel of Sneakers 


Established nearly 60 years ago and named after the Greek Goddess of victory, Nike had stolen the limelight of the footwear industry before some of us were even born. The company is best known for its lasting and attractive sports shoes that additionally boast a comfy and supportive fit. With over 500 women’s Nike sneakers to choose from, you are sure to find something that will match your taste. Nike is the sponsor of several globally famous sports teams, with well-recognized trademarks like ‘Just Do It.’ 

2. Adidas: Level Up Your Athleisure


The Adidas company is best known for producing sports footwear and accessories such as bags, eyewear, watches, and more. Nearly a century after its founding and due to its extensive catalog of high-quality sports footwear, the brand remains hugely popular among sneaker aficionados around the world. Successful partnerships with celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West have only cemented its reputation as one of the undefeated leaders in the industry.

3. Reebok: Fashion Credibility & Reasonable Price


After being founded nearly 65 years ago, the brand has been among the major players in the sports shoe industry. In 2006, Adidas purchased the company. Today, Reebok is famous for its top-of-the-line fashion and athletic shoes. The company is on a mission to stimulate young people around the world to make the most of their potential. It’s nice to know that Reebok donates part of its sales to charity. So, whether you’re a passionate running fan or a pro athlete, Reebok is where you’ll find footwear that’s both comfortable and stylish.

4. Puma: Sneaker Powerhouse


After having been founded over 70 years ago, the Puma company made history by producing footwear for the fastest athletes in the world. Even though the brand keeps a laser-like focus on footwear for active people and athletes, it has shoes to offer for everyone. So, whether you’re on the prowl for super comfy high-quality running shoes or need trendy footwear to spice up your new party outfit, Puma is often the best answer.

5. Converse: From Winter Shoes to Athletic


As one of the most democratic — and universal — footwear icons of American pop culture, the brand flaunts a vibrant history of colors-for-every-mood shoes. With Converse enthusiasts from every nook and cranny of the world, only a few people know that when it was founded over 110 years ago, the company focused on winterized shoes and boots. A few years later, the brand tapped into the sports footwear market. These days, Converse is one of the most recognizable shoe brands on the scene. It is the synonym for ‘shoes’ for many people.

Conclusion: Stick with What’s Best for You

The evolution of the footwear industry is incredibly dynamic, and it continues to race on without a single break or setback. This results in fierce competition among the brands. Employing tons of different strategies, brand new companies are constantly working on winning consumers’ hearts. We’re sure you’re aware of the aforementioned brands. You can either choose your best shoes by sticking to famous brands or become flexible and open-minded enough to find something new. You’re free to choose whatever suits you best — because it’s freedom of choice that reinforces your ‘brand’ as a valuable consumer.