The Joys of Renting a Boat of Your Own When Living in Pattaya

If you live in, or around Pattaya then you might have seen boats out on the water and thought, wow, that looks like it could be good fun, I wish I had one. You may have even looked into buying one, perhaps you did, or like most people, succumb to the idea that they will never get the chance when they see the cost of your average boat. The great thing is that you can still have that experience you day dreamed off at a fraction of the cost and without all the extra baggage that comes with owning a boat;

The good sides and, the bad

Starting with the most common reason that people are put off, the price. Most boats cost more than a car so it’s important not to get disheartened, most people can’t just go out and buy a second or third car at the drop of a hat so why would it be any different when it comes to a boat? The great thing about Bareboat Rental in Pattaya is that you can enjoy it to your heart’s content and then give it back without having to worry about cleaning, servicing, repairing, or maintaining the thing month after month.

Whether they admit it, or not, most people that buy a boat usually do so a little naively wearing rose tinted spectacles, body present, mind stuck somewhere far away on cloud nine. It’s only when the ‘honeymoon’ period starts to come to an end that the reality starts to kick in. Boats are expensive to own, even a small one, you have to consider all the maintenance involved, the mooring fees and the fuel, some boats can cost 40’000 THB just to fill the tank up with fuel!


Be the smart one

If you are considering the idea of buying a boat, then hiring one prior to purchasing makes every bit of sense. Imagine spending all that money, only to find that it might look cool, but you actually don’t like being out on the open sea, or owning your own boat. Many a person has made the decision to buy and, sooner or later realised that it wasn’t the most sensible of purchases they had ever made after finding something like an electrical fault, or similar. If they can sell it quickly their financial loss will be lessened, but, the chances are that there was a fair amount of money ‘lost’ during the entire ‘learning’ process.

When you rent a ‘barebone’ boat, then you get the full experience without the risk of being responsible for making a financial commitment that you may come to regret. When compared to chartered hire, you will absolutely get the best experience because you have the freedom to go almost anywhere you want. You must, however, be sure that you are the best person to man the boat, if you have any doubts, then ask somebody else, especially considering the cost of any potential damage. If you do take on the role of Captain and are successful, then you will be fulfilled with a sense of achievement that doesn’t happen often, a ‘mental’ trophy, if you like.