16 Office Friendly Halloween Costumes

16Office Friendly Halloween Costumes – With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all getting ready for the spooky holiday, the mountain of candy soon to arrive, and the adorable trick or treaters. You may also need to prepare a costume if your workplace celebrates Halloween on the 31st of October.But coming up with an office appropriate outfit can prove trickier than you might have thought. The professional environment means it is a good idea to avoid anything controversial, so stay clear of religion, politics, race, and gender-related costumes.

In addition to all this, you will want a comfortable outfit you can sit and move around in, and won’t be embarrassed to keep on all day.This does not mean your costume has to be boring! On the contrary, itis an opportunity to take a break from your shirts and shoes uniform and can push you to think outside the box.

You’ll want a costume that is easily identifiable, but still imaginative and funny. Here is a list of 16easy-to-accomplish, office-friendly costumes for your inspiration:

Secret Agent

Whether you’re going for James Bond or Johnny English what you need to complete this look is an all-black outfit with a long coat, accessorized with a pair of dark sunglasses, sleek gloves and a fedora.


Time to get out your summer overalls and old plaid shirt for this one. Stuff your boots and sleeves with hay and mess up your hair so it looks wind-blown. You could even have a colleague on the other side of the hall dress as a (scared) crow! Don’t forget some lines around your mouth for “stitches”.

1980’s You

It doesn’t matter if you were there or wish you had been! For this outfit you’ll want big hair and big shoulder pads (you can stuff socks under your jacket shoulders!). Remember, bright and clashing colors and bold patterns are a must.

Sam Seaborn from The West Wing

A simple shirt and tie will do here, and you can dish out marketing advice to your colleagues all day long.

Sam Seaborn from The West Wing


Draw some spooky eyes and a mouth on a large orange t-shirt over a pair of orange tights and ballet flats and you’re good to go! Simple and festive.

Stick Figure

For this super easy costume, draw a stick figure with black tape on an all-white outfit and that’s it!

Garden Gnome

You can stand around your office in this costume! Make sure you paint yourself some big rosy cheeks and wear a large belt over a colorful dress, and most importantly wear a tall pointed red hat. Extra points if you wear a beard.

Count Dracula

The original vampire never gets old. To look spooky, you’ll need to wear a cape over a suit, and some black lipstickto paint a widow’s peak as well as your lips. Fake fangs aren’t a bad idea as well.

Where’s Waldo?

How long can you hide from your coworkers in this costume? Wear a striped red and white shirt and beanie hat, blue jeans and some black rimmed glasses. Then, spend the day popping up in random places around the office.

Lost Tourist

Just carry a camera around your neck, a plastic bag of souvenirs, and wander around the office holding up a big map. Don’t forget your fanny pack!

One of Your Colleagues

Plan in advance to swap clothes to dress as each other and confuse everyone in the office!



All you need to be a convincing pirate is a flowy white top, a red bandana around your head, some big boots, lots of eyeliner and plenty of pirate talk.


Paint your face and hands green and wear some oversized brown clothes. You can be grumpy with people all day!

Your Company Logo

Dress up as Clark Kent, but instead of a superman logo under your button-down shirt, draw your company logo. You’ll be remembered as a hero!


For this quiet look, wear a striped black and white top with some black pants and a beret hat. Paint your face white and line your eyes with black.

Scuba Diver

This might be your last chance to use your scuba equipment for the year. Pair your mask, snorkel, and fins with an all-black outfit. Just don’t trip!

With an imaginative point of view, everyday essentials can become creative Halloween costumes. Whatever you wear, make sure you share on social media to show a fun side of your business.