How Do You Organize Custom Photo Prints Creatively

Custom photo prints are an efficient way to preserve the best moments of life. Besides, when you get multiple photo prints, they make an outstanding gallery for your space. The fusion of high-quality pictures on beautifully painted walls makes your room look promising. 

However, one thing you have to stay assured of is its arrangement. A precise organization of photo prints reflects innovation, even if you do not have a vast photo collection.

It also signifies your creative mind, in general! If you are looking for some practical ideas to organize your custom photo prints, then check out these steps.

Decide a Theme

Regardless of whether you already have custom photo prints or are yet to get them printed, make sure to decide on the theme first. While it requires a bit of thinking, themes are an essential part of custom photo arrangements. Thus, you need to know what you want first!

Should it be themed on traveling or a recent holiday destination? That’s totally your call. We recommend taking inspiration from people who have gallery walls. However, try to implement your own ideas for that aesthetic touch.

Select the Photo Prints

Once you are done with the theme, move on to the photo prints. Will your gallery feature pictures of you with family or with friends? If not so, how about something related to a hobby? We suggest you select pictures as per the theme. 

Also, when getting your photo prints, make sure that the canvas and print are high-quality. Both these factors make a big difference in how your space looks. You could try getting custom photo prints at Elephantstock

While selecting the photo prints, keep your style and chosen color shade in mind. Think about any addition that goes around the picture like frames, mirrors, or other decors!

Frame it Right

Photo 2

To give a creative touch to your photo print, choose the right frames. Frames are pretty diverse as per colors, motifs, and sizes. It depends on what you want for your gallery. 

Ask yourself about the frame colors that match your theme and artwork. Do you want to go with standard black or other types like white, gold, etc.? 

The main idea here is to have a definite contrast between frame, theme, and photos. For example, a vintage theme calls for antique frames and old pictures. 

But again, you could customize it as per your choice. Once you do so, there is no looking back!

Finalise a Layout

Photo 3

The last and most important step of organizing photo prints includes layouts. Layouts could be decided as per the wall space.

If it’s a large wall, you could choose symmetrical layouts with moderate sized pictures. Likewise, a wall with less space calls for small pictures placed in a sporadic manner. 

While placing the pictures, consider the spaces between them. It should be neither too far nor too close. You have to maintain a balance for impressive outcomes. 

Besides, if you are not sure about how the layout is going to look, cut some paper (in rectangle and square shapes). Now, place them on the wall according to the format in mind.

That way, you will get an idea of what arrangement suits your room. Some of the most common layouts for galleries include: 

  • Grid design: photos arranged in a symmetrical manner
  • Mix and match: a blend of both vertical and horizontal arrangements
  • Frame styles: make layouts as per the frame, size, or color

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, that’s how you arrange your custom photo prints creatively. Make sure to take a look from a distance after the arrangement. By such means, you will understand whether the pictures are placed correctly or not.