Why Tracking Packages Is Important for Potential Problems Avoiding

Shipping without tracking can bring a whole plethora of problems. No matter how careful a shipping company may be, mistakes happen and packages get lost. Therefore, shipping without tracking always comes with certain risks and worries. Here, we are going to go over a few of the reasons why tracking packages is so important.

One of the most important decisions when shipping, apart from choosing the tracking option for your packages, is to choose the right shipping company; no matter what kind of eCommerce business you run. 

Unival Logistics is an excellent choice for all of your shipping needs. They pride themselves on their high-tech web and risk management tools and they have a long history of dealing with shipping parcels. One of the great services that Unival Logistics offers is immediate access to the status of your shipment. Assuring that your shipment is traceable at all times.

Let’s learn more about the importance of trackable shipping and why it’s such a game-changer in the world of shipping.

Win Over Customer Loyalty

Woman unpacking package

We have all had one of those situations where we are ordering something and we aren’t presented with the option to track the shipment. After you click “buy & send”, you are left to wonder about whether or not the shipment will make it in line with the estimated arrival time. 

Sadly, most of us also know that sad sigh once you realize that your package isn’t there when it should have been or once we realize that the package has been lost. This is all easily preventable with the simple option of tracking packages.

In most cases, tracking has been made super easy. If you don’t know how it works, let’s go over a quick explanation. Most shipping carriers will ask you to log into an account, put in the shipping information or tracking number, and then simply click on “track”. All of the information that you need should be readily available from this point forward.

The first benefits of tracking are the inner peace that you feel once you receive any kind of confirmation about the status of your package. This goes for both the customer and the courier. When things go wrong, the courier can often be blamed. However, with tracking, handling the package is made easy for all parties involved.

If you run a business, you know how hellish things can get when a problem or an error occurs. You also likely know about the importance of customer service in these moments. You can think of tracking parcels and shipments as a new type of customer service. The more information is available – the higher chances that all will go well. 

Tracking Packages Lessens the Workload

People simply like to be informed. This way, you are also saving yourself or your company from a lot of problems, resulting in customer service getting clogged with requests, complaints, and angry calls. Order management becomes a lot easier with the option to track a parcel.

When thinking about tracking packages, try to think about it logically. Would you be a returning customer to a business that cares about whether or not you will receive your package or a business that doesn’t do anything to ensure that your package arrives in time, safely? 

See, it’s quite an easy decision. This is the logic that any customer will use, no matter “which side” of business you are on.

Reduce Costs in the Long Run

Packaging process before shipping

When something isn’t expensive or a unique piece, we might not get as upset if something goes wrong with the shipping process. However, this is something that is absolutely a nightmare situation if you are shipping something high in value. People who order something expensive often need to know where the package is to feel at peace.

They don’t want the package to show up when no one is at home so that they don’t risk someone stealing their precious package. Time is our most valuable resource, but in order not to waste time and to assure that the timing of everything is right – we need the information that package tracking provides.

Live tracking has brought a lot of benefits to the world of shipping. Especially when tracking expensive packages and when shipping internationally.

Other Benefits of Tracking Packages

Delivery man loading cardboard boxes in a delivery van

Whether you are someone who is running a lucrative business in need of shipping services or a buyer enjoying all the wonders of online shopping, it has been proven over and over again that tracking packages aren’t just important; it’s necessary. 

This is a practice that builds customer loyalty and with innovations in the world of shipping, as a business, it’s important to be aware of the rising expectations of customers. 

The benefits heavily outweigh any kind of extra cost and nobody wants to be the person waiting behind the curtains or the blinds, wondering if the package will ever arrive. Nobody also wants to be on the receiving end of an angry phone call, a standoff-ish email, or a bad review. Give yourself some peace of mind and introduce tracking shipments into your life. 

Tracking Is Quickly Becoming a Must

Being able to track a parcel or a shipment is becoming a more and more important feature in the world of shipping. For example, a lot of people will give up on shipping internationally if this option isn’t available. Why risk getting your package lost overseas? Rid yourself of any potential stress by simply introducing tracking packages into your life.