Simple Floral Arrangements Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home Interior

If you’re feeling a little stifled by your indoor decor, it’s time to freshen up! Here are some easy and simple floral arrangements that will make your home feel new again. Let the flowers cheer you up and brighten up those dark winter days. Get inspired by these ten flower arrangements below.

The Hallway Hero

Floral Arrangements2

A simple touch can be all you need to lift your spirits and invigorate your home. A hallway is a perfect location for a grand floral arrangement, and an elegant urn full of tulips makes an elegant first impression on guests.

A Touch of Spring

An eye-catching, oversized vase is the perfect place to turn your creative energies loose. A big statement piece like this can be the star attraction in any room. Try an oversize vase holding a pink blush burst of peonies for a feminine look that will put you in a spring state of mind.

A Burst of Sunshine

Sunny yellow tulips are the epitome of cheery spring flowers. Fill a simple vase with your favorite variety and let this floral arrangement lighten up your interiors even on your darkest days. These sunny blooms look especially fetching tucked in among greenery like magnolia leaves and fern fronds for a unique and easy centerpiece.

A Touch of Cheer

Do you love the look of fresh flowers but don’t want to break the bank? One way to save some dough is by skipping high-priced designer blooms and opting for a variety pack instead. This bouquet features seven stems of mixed lilies that are so pretty they might brighten up even your darkest days.

The Color Spectrum

Making a small space feel airier is easy with the right flower arrangement, and this one does just that! A beautiful mix of flowers in every shade of purple makes it easy to work this color into any room without overwhelming the space. Arranging a rainbow of blooms also helps tone down bolder shades while exuding a sense of perfectly curated care.

The Modern Monochrome

One of the biggest trends this season is monochromatic decor, and you can easily make this look work for your house! A simple, clear vase and a clean-lined tray are all you need to create an effortless arrangement that will make a big statement. This arrangement is simple to whip up and offers endless opportunities to play with different flowers and greenery throughout the seasons.

Ceiling-skimming Centerpieces

Hanging vases are a statement piece for your home. Fill them up with tulips or even long branches and twigs tied together with string to make the arrangement more interesting. Hanging some artwork from them would be cute as well. They’re not just for hanging, though; you can also make tablescapes and side table arrangements.

Floral Floor-to-Ceiling ArrangementsĀ 

An elevated take on the traditional floral arrangement with a dramatic black and white color palette works well for modern design. The flowers are artfully arranged in the corner of the room, creating a large-scale flower wall that highlights the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Give your dining room an updated look with a tall statement centerpiece. To create this clean arrangement, start by choosing your vase and gathering the flowers you like together into one place. Then arrange them in the vase before placing them on the table.

The Golden Arrangement

A classic yellow and white combination works so well together. It’s warm but not too bright, clean, but still soft enough to make you feel at home. You can create this arrangement by simply filling a vase with calla lilies and floating candles in it.

A sleek, modern white table is the perfect backdrop for flowers. The fresh-cut flower arrangement and the green leafy branch on top make an elegant statement that perfectly fits its monochromatic surroundings.

Spruce up your Home Today

Floral Arrangements3

If you’re looking for an easy way to freshen up your home interior, the ideas above are the perfect solution. These simple floral arrangements will add a touch of spring or cheer and brighten any space in just seconds! Whether you need a fresh centerpiece idea for the table or some color on your wall, these designs are sure to please.