What Should You Know Before Investing in a Small Class C RV

Are you planning to buy a Class C motorhome? Well, you have made one of the best decisions. Now, you need to decide the size of the recreational vehicle you would like to purchase. If looking for a compact vehicle, buying a small class C RV can be a smart investment. But before investing in one, you should know certain things. 

Find what you need to know below:

A New Class C RV is Unused but Expensive

When you buy a new Class C RV, you get an unused vehicle featuring innovative luxuries that no one ever uses. But they are quite expensive as the prices tend to range from $50000 to 80000 for an RV of 16 to 26 feet. 

You get fresh lines, tanks, and hoses with fitted cutting-edge technologies, including premium kitchen appliances, LCD TVs, and compressed designs. The new small class C RV has an upgraded look with a visually pleasing interior and exterior and a warranty. You can easily get new models or parts when required. 


An Old Class C RV is Cheap but Less Outdated Features

An old class C RV is much cheaper, and most of them are available for below $10,000. The previous dealer/owner must have fixed the issues they had with the small class C RV you buy. Moreover, you need to pay less registration and insurance premiums. 

But used vehicles tend to have fewer features, aerodynamic frameworks, and fuel-activated engines. It gets quite tough and time-consuming to install a seating/kitchen area. In case parts get damaged, you need to pay to fix them. 

Try Before Purchasing

A wide variety of Class C RVs is available for rent. So, renting is a good option to try your vehicle before buying. A small class C RV may look perfect in the dealer’s parking lot, but driving them can be drastically different. 

You can find it quite tough to sit behind the wheel, or the TVs may not be working properly. Select another model or customize the old one as and when required. 

Diesel Models Cost More Than Gasoline Operated Vehicles


Class C RVs are available in both diesel and gasoline models. As diesel-operated models tend to be of better quality, they cost a lot for buying and renting purposes. Diesel emits higher energy than gasoline and approximately 10% more MPG. 

As the diesel engine is usually positioned at the RV back, you enjoy a quiet ambiance in the cab. Diesel engines accelerate uphill and improve towing capabilities. 

Gasoline-activated Class C RVs cost much less. When you use a standard gas station to fill the vehicle, you pay reasonable maintenance costs. Gasoline’s less energy emission makes it necessary for RVs to work more efficiently and frequent engine maintenance. 

If you want to use your Class C RV two to three times a year for family trips, you should buy a gasoline-powered vehicle to save money. Buy diesel-activated vehicles if you make more trips as you can make the most of the other prices you pay. 

These are the things you should know before investing in a small Class C RV. If you keep the things mentioned above in mind, you can also buy the best vehicle within your budget.