25 Stunning Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Christmas is very exciting festival. In Christmas the very first thing comes to your mind is decorating your Christmas tree. But decorating Christmas tree in sometimes very tricky. So here we bring you various Christmas tree decoration ideas.

Christmas tree comes in large and small size both. Decorate your Christmas tree according to its size. Do not over decorate it if tree is smaller in size and also do not leave space of your tree if it is big enough. Decorate your tree with garland of white pearl and beats. Cover your tree with garland and golden or silver balls. On the top of the tree place a big star. To sparkle it up adds lights to it. Another way of decorating your tree if it big is, decorating it with ribbons.

A purple ribbon looks very beautiful on a tree. Decorate your tree with white color ornaments with purple ribbon bows all over it. For decorating your own handmade tree you can have white color Christmas tree in your house. Have white color Christmas tree is a good idea so you can decorate it with colors. If you have white Christmas tree decorates it with red, pink, blue and orange color balls. For more you can add mirror to your tree with lights in it. If you have a big Christmas tree you can also decorate it with flowers. Make patterns of red or white artificial flowers on your tree and decorate it with silver and golden balls and stars. For more you can add light bulbs to sparkle it. Decorate your Christmas tree on your own.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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